Wednesday, November 11, 2020

November 11

Happy Veterans Day, though in other countries it’s called Remembrance Day or Armistice Day.  It is the time to honor and thank all veterans and active-duty personnel for their service.  There are many in my family from the 1700’s through today that have served or are currently serving.  And, my love goes to each of them.


Like all, I have a morning routine that includes feeding the Demon Duo (and believe-you-me, they wake me up every morning at 6am demanding breakfast), doing a general 10-minute pick-up around the house, and sitting at my computer to see what’s happening in the world.  After today, I’m not reading the news any more.  Could be I won’t be reading or listening to the news until sometime after January 20.  Honest-to-god! it’s like reading about some dictator run, third world country.

 And, that’s about all I know today.  In another time I’d share some pretty blooms with you but unfortunately, the yard is still a major work in progress and all my plants are sitting, cramped and barely surviving, in pots.  I did walk out and find two worthy of sharing –


This is a groundcover rose growing in a large planter
and currently lining my walkway to the front door.

Red Bird Succulent

 One more thing to think about.  For those of us living along the Atlantic/Gulf coast, we are used to watching for storms/hurricanes from June 1 to November 30.  In my life there have never been so many storms as we’ve had this year.  (Yeah, yeah – I know 2020, after all.)  We’ve already run out of names assigned to the English alphabet and are now a third of the way into the Greek.  

And, while I don’t think we will run out of Greek letters before this season/year ends, I have to wonder ---- what alphabet might be next??  

I like this one!!


11 Nov 202


  1. good morning? afternoon? good day..ha..
    yeah,for some reason today I slept late..way late..waaaaa ears had been chewed on, nose nipped, belly sat on my a 30 pound cat switching out with the other 30 pound cat..stuff was knocked off counter...all curtains opened up..cupboard doors opened.everything off every square foot of tables in the place..yeh, not doing that again.

    1. Oh good! I'm not alone in the world with assertive cats!

  2. No matter what we call this special day, I am thankful to all who served and those that are still serving ...

    All the best Jan

  3. I am so looking forward to next year and stories of you whipping the new yard into shape. Did you bring the pergola?

    1. Not possible - it is completely covered with wisteria, senna, and a loquat tree. I'll just have to get another one day.

  4. We're experiencing the effects of one of those storms now! Torrential rain & power outages - fun times!

  5. Send some of that rain west - we could use it!