Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Interesting stuff - again

 Living in a small town has its good and bad.  Bad:  there’s not very much fun to do, specially now when going out is such a crapshoot.  Good:  when you get ready to vote early, in what is touted to be an earth-shaking election, you don’t have to wait in line more than 5 minutes.  Maybe not so much a ‘good’ thing.  But anyway, I voted today!



Another interesting thing about living here – you never know what you’ll see.  Today, at our local Walmart, I saw (honest-to-god) an older man (between 60-70) wearing jeans (okay), a bright, somewhat garish Hawaiian shirt (ooookay – a little odd but we are still having summer, so . . .), and (truth – I saw it with my very own eyeballs) a coonskin cap.  You will have to take my word for it because he was walking briskly and I just couldn’t get everything together fast enough to sneak a picture.


 A couple of neighbors in the old neighborhood are having a political SIGN off. 

One house put a Biden/Harris sign in their yard. 

Then, the people across the street countered with a Trump/Pence sign.  Then, oddly, the Trump sign disappeared for a couple of weeks and

house #1 put out a 2nd Biden sign (they’re on a corner, so one in the front; one on the side). 

So, house #2 put out the Trump sign again. 

Then, house #1 put up two Biden flags and

house # 2 put out a Trump flag. 

And, finally, house #1 upped the ante and put out a large poster on the side of their house - Biden/Harris.

 As of this morning, house #2 hasn’t done anything to counter so, right this minute Biden is ahead.

 Here lately, I have spent early morning hours doing yard work.  As of today, I have planted trees – 2 catalpa, 1 black walnut, 1 pomegranate, 1 I-don’t-know-what-it-is; grew-it-from-a-seed-from-NM-but-I-think it’s a Mexican Bird of Paradise tree (different from the bush but similar)


1 desert orchid tree, and, 1 confederate rose. 


I am going to have trees bygod! 


Of course all the trees were grown from cutting and/or seed so all are smallish but I am expecting each one to be as tall as I am by this time 2021 (don’t burst my dream bubble). 

 I have also planted ferns (under the front porch),


lemon grass, star jasmine, and night blooming jasmine.  And, I have discovered the soil here is not soil – it’s clay.  Heavy black clay – oh, goodie – just like living in Houston again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to grow things in clay so I expect it will be a relearning process.  I still have another confederate rose, a desert orchid, and a maple tree to plant but now I need to wait until I get a shed and carport.  Then, I have a bunch of other plants that need to go into the ground but those will have to wait until next spring.

Yep - that would be me - don't know where things will be planted.   Eek!!  I have to change for yoga or I’ll be late.  I shall leave you with one more thought.

 Get out and vote when you can people!

 14 Oct 2020


  1. Oh, hooray. Tree, trees and more trees. It will all happen.

  2. Trees are great. It's especially good to plant them so tiny and see them grow.

  3. That bridge - accurate!

    I love the sign war. I thought we had one here, but one day I was driving by & the Biden sign was replaced by a sign for the republican senate candidate. I started wondering if the Biden house had lost a bet & had to put the Biden sign out for a couple of weeks. It was weird!

  4. It's better to wear a coonskin hat than a MAGA hat!

  5. Glad to hear you've voted. It is a very strange voting system you seem to have compared with ours.