Monday, July 27, 2020

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We just had a small storm here.  Hurricane Hanna.  Originally it was headed straight into the Gulf toward Matagorda, which is about 40 miles south of Wharton.  My personal preparation was going to be just moving some of the tall plumerias so they wouldn’t blow over (it was a little storm).  However, as it happens, Hanna turned more south and west and went in right at the tip of Texas and upper parts of Mexico.  We got two inches of much needed rain, so for us, it was a good thing.

The other “good” thing - - - the mid-Gulf coast surfers came out in droves to
Ride the Waves”!

Normally, this time of the year, our part of the Gulf coast is very calm with few, if any waves.  However, let a storm enter the Gulf and the surfers start watching, the boards come out, and they accumulate along the beach. 

Okay, okay – it was a little storm.

The only damage from Hanna I’ve heard about was …….

(CNN)Newly installed panels from the US border wall fell over in high winds Wednesday, landing on trees on the Mexican side of the border.

Hmmmmmmm, perhaps it was not meant to be??????    

Last Thursday, Bobby and I took another day trip to another beach – Freeport.  It’s not nearly as pretty as some of the Texas beaches and it appears to be occupied more by fisherpeople than beach goers, still it was filled with interesting things.

Here’s something I do not understand – Wade Fishing. 

Really???  Standing in waist deep water, with a bait bucket and probably a stringer with previously caught fish attached to your body.  WOW!  Hor‘devours and dinner!  And, what did these guys catch while we watched???

Yepper – that’s a Bull Shark.  Small but it still has teeth!  And, who knows, maybe Mama is close by!

There are many reasons why I like the beach.  It’s ever changing.  You never know what you’ll find as you walk along.  Like this . . .

I dunno – looks like a really big gun to me.  It was located on a part of the beach that was inaccessible from any direction.  Maybe a leftover from WWII???  It’s on a bluff and pointing out over the Gulf.

Again, we picnicked in the truck with this view

Nice, yes?  Relaxing – yes!

Yep, that’s me – communing with the water.

After lunch we stopped at the Sea Center Texas.  I’d never been there – didn’t even know it existed.  It is a marine aquarium, fish hatchery and education center.  It’s part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  And, it is a very cool place to visit.  At this time, the hatchery is closed to the public and there aren’t any classes going on but the aquarium is open.

Folks – I could stand inside the jaw and it would have barely touched my tubby little body going up!  It is the jaw of a Great Hammerhead Shark caught in the Gulf.

Now, at this tank, we had a bit of a discussion.

Bobby:  Look at that eel – think it’s dead?
Me:  Ohhhh – that’s not an eel.  That’s a piece of flex pipe with some sort of nozzle head
Bobby:  Look closer.
Me.  Whoa!  That’s an eel.  Think it’s dead?

Then we saw this sign –

Obviously, we were not the first to ask that question.

And, after this, I don’t know much else good.  Everybody – be good.  Stay healthy.  Take many relaxing breaths.  Think before you say or do something stupid.  And wear a mask!  It won't hurt you!

Fritos – I want Fritos!

27 Jul 2020


  1. Yep, I would have to go with Fritos, too. So glad that the eels are not dead.

  2. Entertaining post! The Eels Are Not Dead sounds like either a horror movie or a Monty Python skit.

  3. Hey I want Fritos too. I can't believe that the Weather Channel was transfixed on water logged boats in the channel between Texas coast and Padre Island. There was a woman weather castor talking to some guy out there who was filming a nice little fishing boat that was nose deep in water. She was asking all about the boat like it's life mattered to everyone tuning in. My god! what the hell is wrong with these people?
    Oh yeah, the waders. I've seen these idiots near Port Aransas. They go out there sometimes catching shrimp for bait even though there are sharks swimming around them and there is no place for these guys to go if one gets them. Stupid.

  4. Fritos, for sure. I have not had a Frito since covid broke up the card games.

  5. When I got to that eel sign I started laughing slightly hysterically (it has been a WEEK these last two days!). I like fritos too, but my poison of choice is usually cheetos.

    My husband is a historian of the civil war & its aftermath, and for many years on EVERY VACATION WE TOOK we would find a cannon of some kind for him to pose beside. Apparently they're just everywhere.

  6. I want the Ranch Doritos!!
    Lucky you, to live near a beach. I am wanting to drive to a beach, get my toes wet along the shore, get back in car and drive back home. Where I live that will take about 8 hours roundtrip. I am seriously considering it!

  7. Pringles for me please!

    I must be ever so dopey: I didn't realise any of the wall had even been erected. I thought it was still talk.