Wednesday, July 15, 2020


I’ve had this post rattling around inside my head for a number of days now, however I’ve spent the past four days mowing.  Okay – only an hour each time, but it is soooo hot here that the one hour of pushing a small electric mower around the yard leaves me a wet, limp mass of human.  My clothes are so wet when I come inside, I just leave them in the clothes basket in the garage.  Plus, I’m pretty useless for the rest of the day.

And, your response is . . . . .

WOW! How hot is it?

And, just so you understand  

My regular response is – I’m tired of summer now (yes, I know summer has only been in season for 25 days but, it can go away now).  However, my sister tells me I am no longer allowed to say that – I’m tired of – thing until August. 
So, fine – here’s the weather forecast -

Things are moving along with the new house.  Plumbing is hooked up as is the septic system.  Today the electric meter is being installed and calls are into the electricians about hooking up to the house. 

At this house there’s not too much exciting going on.  The yard looks nice – that is the grass looks nice.  The flower beds look tired and weedy (and no, I have no plans to weed until after we get some actual rain – then I won’t be digging in cement).  I’ve moved more plants in pots to the shade so they won’t burn completely up. 

On the positive side of this hot dry weather, the mosquitoes have gone back to wherever they go in high summer.  Not to worry though, they’ll be back with the next good rain. 

The Night Blooming Jasmine is in bloom.  And it smells heavenly.  I’ve taken cuttings so I can plant another one beside the door at the new house.  Interestingly, it is not a true jasmine, but is a jessamine plant which are related to the Solanaceae family along with tomatoes and peppers. Jessamine plants are referred to as jasmines because of their highly fragrant flowers and probably because their names are so similar.  

The Spider Lily is also blooming.  This one is a member of the amaryllis family.

While mowing this morning, I happened to look down and saw that my shoes and ankles were covered with fire ants.  Argh!  I hate it when that happens.  Had I been a better photographer person, I’d have taken a picture for you.  However, my first concern was to get those damn things off!  They’re called fire ants for a reason – the bite burns like fire!  I tell you this because now I’m going to take a brownie (reward for mowing AND battling ants) and sit in front of mindless tv or maybe read my new book.

15 Jul 2020


  1. Ha ha, your first 2 memes made me laugh out loud! Stay cool!

  2. I can relate with the heat. it was 108 yesterday. Going to be hotter today.

  3. Oh man - and I'm whining about it being 90 degrees & I sit shivering in an over-air conditioned office all day!

    I've been enjoying the book, but I'm listening to the audiobook & it will take quite a while for me to get through it (I want to make it last as long as possible!), so no spoilers! :)

    1. I haven't started the book yet. I want to go back and reread the previous one - Skin Game, to refresh my memory on Harry's going's and doings. So no spoilers from you either!

  4. Anyone who mows that much grass with that little mower gets a brownie.

  5. that temperature sounds unbearable. Just to make you jealous I'll say I'm sitting here in a t-shirt and woolly jumper.

  6. I know someone called Jessamy...
    It's grey and slightly chilly here... I'd love to feel too hot

    1. I would surely send you some of this heat if I could!