Monday, April 20, 2020


We are having really weird weather here in south central Texas.  Normally, our four seasons are – Early Summer 70°-80° (Feb-Mar); Summer 90°-100° (Apr-Sept); Indian Summer 90°-70° (Oct-Dec); and Hunting Season (Jan). 

2019 through December held true to the seasons, as did 2020’s January and February, up to the last few days.  Then the weather turned weird.  We had a very chilly cold snap toward the end of February and since then, we’ve had Spring.  Like, really-truly SPRING.  This being April, we should be into summer, however the days are still quite cool.  

The COVID-19 virus is still a scary thing here.  In my county (pop 41,000) there are some 30-odd cases reported and confirmed.  And while this may not sound like a lot Wharton County is a very rural area with no big city locations.  We still are having problems finding certain items . . .

I spoke with my San Antonio granddaughter yesterday.  She tells me the city of SA has said people must wear face masks when leaving their home with a $1000 fine penalty if not. 

Our Governor  has reopened state government offices and state parks (with a strict requirement for people to wear face coverings and observe physical distancing) as of today.  And, he anticipates opening non-essential business on a “retail to go” basis by the end of this week. 

Much of last week I spent working in one yard or another. 

Okay – no.  However everything on my chubby little body hurt at the end of each day.

You, know – I have a grand plan for how I want my front yard to look . . . .

and, back yard herb garden . . . .

And, I also want 12 hunky guys to do all the hard work – like dig, weed, mulch, carry HEAVY anything, mow, edge, and such.  I’ll do the planting and enjoying.  

Last Wednesday, Bobby figured out a way we could go wildflowering and still do the whole social distancing thing.  We went in separate cars and stayed 6’ apart.  Last year he found a deserted place where the wildflowers were many and beautiful.  So, this year we went to the same place and

 Social distancing

A few things seen -

Bull Nettle

Meadow Pinks


Texas Groundsel

After this, I know nada.  One final thing to think about . . .

Do you know what this is?

I had to ask.

It’s so trucks can see where the
electric lines are.

20 Apr 2020


  1. Oh, I've had grand garden plans like those above. Never fully realized, but 50 percent perhaps. At 62, my chubby little body with carpal tunnel and tendonitis just couldn't manage! Thanks for all the humor -- a welcomed relief in these times. So far, in Colorado, we're waiting to see the numbers before we lift restrictions -- maybe April 26. And yet, things like large gatherings will still be prohibited, which, I think, is a good thing.

  2. I'm enjoying all the governors' fingers to DC.
    I remember you wildflower searching last year! Next year will be better. I said so.

  3. Oh for gardens that look like jigsaw box pictures! Still very warm here. It's 1.00 pm and I've just come in for a while as it's too hot outside.