Friday, July 19, 2019


July is Air-Conditioning Appreciation Month.  Celebrate by staying indoors out of the 100° heat!  Yes, I admit it, I am a spoiled 21st century woman – give me AC!  Of course, I’m thinking it should be Air Conditioning Appreciation Quarter (plus two) for June, July, August, September, and maybe May and October.  Yeah – I know, there are parts of the universe where AC is not a “I need it or I’ll melt into a greasy spot on the floor” priority.  That place is not here. 

Today, July 19, is Flitch Day.  (I know, sounds kinda naughty doesn’t it.)  However it is the day for awarding a flitch (or side) of bacon to married couples who can swear to not having regretted their marriage for a year and a day.  I wonder if it had to be 366 consecutive days or if you can just pick and choose over a period of years.

I haven’t been able to spend much time on the computer over the past several days.  Two sick kitties.  Trips to the vet.  Medicines.  They’re like small children, when they feel bad, they want to sit in my lap.  (Fortunately, I got two new books recently so sitting and reading a lot.)  The cause of the sickness has stymied my vet so we are treating symptoms at this point.  My sister did suggest I check out their food for any recalls.  No, no recalls.  However, I did read several comments from cat owners describing exact same symptoms after eating the same food.  So, I’ve changed that and we’ll see.

I don’t have cable or dish TV.  And, our town doesn’t have a newspaper that recognizes a world outside big W’s city limits, so I don’t always know what’s happening in the world.  Today I was able to get on the computer for more than 5 minutes.  Checked the news feed . . .

Trump's 'Go Back' Rhetoric Is Sign Of A Racially Divisive And Turbulent Year To Come

Earthquake hits Athens, Greece 

Refinery Explosions Raise New Warnings About Deadly Chemical 

and last but not least –

FDA: Big Penis Comes With a Hidden Surprise
“The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to purchase or use Big Penis, a product promoted for sexual enhancement because the capsules secretly contain sildenafil, also known by the brand name Viagra.” 

I 'X’d' out of the news feed.

My brother is a versatile man.  He has a bunch of interests and recently, one is Beekeeping.  He built himself a bee hive and filled the surrounding area with bee attracting plants.

This year, the hive attracted a swarm of wild bees.

And, recently he collected honey!  He sent jars to my sister and I.  It’s really good honey!

I am tired of summer now.  Anymore, I’ve given up on walking the neighborhood in the early morning hours.  (I try for 1½ to 2 miles per day.)  At 630am it’s already 80° with 85% humidity making it feel like 90°.  At 630 IN THE MORNING.  So, it’s back to the treadmill – borrring but we all do what we have to sometimes. 

Well, I think I’ll ramble into the kitchen and think about lunch.

19 Jul 2019


  1. I agree with Joanne - ugh (although we're "just" in the 90s here in NC). I saw the honey on Ellen's post & promptly put it on my grocery list. Hopefully I can find some locally harvested, but if not then good old Sue Bee it is.