Monday, July 1, 2019

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I’ve sorta been off the grid lately – much and lots going on.  I’ve planned every day to get a post out . . . but, you know all about good intentions and the road to hell.

OK – first of all – KITTY NEWS!  I have lost my mind – ohmmmmmmm.  Honest to god – I spend all day removing them from the kitchen counter where they knock things out of the window; from the buffet where they jump up for glass wind chimes; from the venetian blinds that they try to climb like a ladder; from my desk where they knock over EVERYTHING; from various clocks; from the bookcases; from my computer; the printer; from behind my desk where all the wires are – ohmmmmmmmm.  OH! And, they’ve learned a new trick – they can open doors.  My house has pocket doors.  And, last night I finally tossed both out of my bedroom at midnight and shut the door.  At 6am, both climbed up on the bed to wake me up ….. wait, I closed the door last night.  Yep, it was open.  Ohmmmmmmm.

 Do not be fooled by this picture.  These are demon kitties.

I met up with a friend for a 2 mile walk around the high school track (actually pretty nice track – made up of rubbery stuff) and then a short walk around town.  There, I saw

 A really pretty Althea

It was growing wild over by the school.  Honestly, next time I’m over there, I’m going to take a cutting and see if I can root one.  Then, this –

  Interesting planter!

Tuesday was a DAY.  My sister was to be admitted to the hospital for a heart procedure.  And, because she is my only sister, I decided I had to be there also.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure my brother-in-law would have turned off his phone after the 30th call in 30 minutes – how’s things?  when she’s going in?  how’s she feeling?  what’s happening now?  So, I left Wharton at 6am to drive into Houston – in the pouring down rain.  Got to stay back with her until the go time arrived, then we waited and waited and waited.  And, finally the doctor came out to say all went well and she was in recovery.  Thank all the gods and goddesses.  Then, I headed for home.  My sister-in-law, niece and grandniece were coming for a visit.  This part of my family is from Washington (state) so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like.  The last time they were here, my grandniece was 3.  Now, she’s an active, busy 7-year old.  She was very taken with the demon kitties.  I don’t think their little feeties touched to ground for 3 days.

It was a very long full day.

Wednesday we went to Matagorda.  Our beaches here are a little different than the beaches in the frozen northlands.  Primarily – you can actually get in the water here!  And, the beach had seashells.  So both nieces picked up shells and the littlest one paddled a bit in the water.

We left the beach about noon-thirty (it was starting to get really hot by then), got a quick bite of lunch and visited some of the local tourist shops. 

The beach was just a little odd this visit.  If you’ve been there you know there is a huge fishing pier that extends from the parking lot, over the dunes, over much of the water to a set of stairs down to huge granite blocks then to the beach itself. 

This time, the dunes were as high as the bridge.  I have never seen this before!

Now, I’ve been going to one beach or another for my entire life.  I know about the sun.  I know how quickly you can burn.  I know to wear a hat, sunglasses, AND sunscreen.  And, I did all that.  Except I missed one place with the sunscreen.

Sunburned toesies!
Hot! Hot! Hot!

Another long full day.

Thursday was our day to “do Wharton”.  What that means is to visit the several gift, antique, and curio shops about town including one in the suburb of Glen Flora (bet you didn’t know Wharton had a suburb).  And, since 3 of the 4 Abbott cousins live close by, we made trips around so they all had time to laugh, giggle, visit, and remember.

Yet another long full day.

Friday was Tuesday in reverse, sorta.  First thing – Megan and I went to an Estate Sale (normally something Ellen and I do but, she was still in the hospital).  And I found a WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS, TERRIFIC thing.  Yay!

It’s a 1950 Mirro Cooky and Pastry Press!  With all the disks!  And the recipe book!  And in its original box!  So Coooooool!

So, here’s the thing – when I was growing up, I can remember my mother making Spritz (butter) Christmas cookies using this type cookie press.  And, in fact, when I had my children, I got the press from her and we did the same thing.  I pressed the dough onto the cookie sheet using the various shaped disks (tree, flower, camel, wreath, dog, etc).  The children decorated the cookies with sprinkles, colored sugars, red hots, and those little silver balls that could break your teeth.  Sadly, in the various moves, the cookie press disappeared. 

So I bought a more modern one when my grandchildren were ready to help make cookies.  Poop!  Stupid thing was useless – did not work well – grrrrrrr – went into the trash.  Not too long ago one granddaughter asked if I one – “that worked because the new ones were trash”.  Sadly – no. 

I snapped it right up!

 Later Friday morning, all my WA family left.  And, my sister came home from the hospital.  She assures me she is doing fine.  The procedure worked. The new meds are doing their job.  All is well.  Tuesday in reverse.  Oh, and I had a birthday in there also.  A big number birthday which was ok since I got lots of phone calls, texts, well wishes, cards and emails.

Another full day.

And, for some reason, the weekend worked out to be two busy full days.  Today is going to be a potato day (you know, sit on the sofa and watch mindless TV).

1 Jul 2019


  1. I'm hoping for a quick recovery of your family member. Also know what it's like to have crazy animals fighting with each other and tearing stuff up but when they sleep how sweet they look. Good read!

  2. I think about kittens and trays of sea shells.
    When I was a kid, mom made gazillions of press cookies, too. The best was peanut butter with a chocolate chip in the center of the star type cookie. Called them black eyed Susans. G.o.o.d.

    1. Have I mentioned - I have a display table with a glass top and semi-open sides. It is filled with sand, shells and other oddities I've found. I had to tape up the sides to keep the little demons from reaching in and raking things out!

  3. re the demon kitties...hahahahahahaha. I swear they must have some Savannah blood in them.

  4. Do you have a spray bottle that you can spray water at the kittens? It works 9 times out of 10. I did it to my kitties and they knew better than to get on the counters and tables. I love those cookie presses. Yeah, the new kind are crap. I remember my grandmother used to make butter cookies and we decorated them with cherry slices and dollops of jam. They were the best cookies in the whole world.
    I'm glad Pam is doing better. I just finished reading her post about the time spent in the hospital. I think she will do better as time goes on.

  5. Happy birthday to you! You've been really busy! I'm tickled you found that cookie press, and now I would like a cookie please. Ha!

  6. I have that cookie press. It was my mother's. Also have a Saya which is newer. Maybe I should use one sometime.

    1. It's an easy way to have yummy, interesting cookies without having to roll out dough and use cookie cutters!