Sunday, July 7, 2019

Art: Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Wood, Sculpt …

It is so hard to sit down at the computer these days.  Seems like every time I do, two pairs of gray ears pop up and the demon kitties come running.  One wants to sit on the keyboard, one wants to try to unplug every cord, one wants to climb in the trash can, one wants to walk along the shelf above my desk and knock everything over.  Yes, there are only two of them, however, seems like three-times as many when I’m trying to do anything! 

Yesterday Ellen and I drove over to Rockport to the

We went for the first time, last year.  It was very impressive.  So, we started watching for dates for this year.  We made our plans to go Saturday.  There were a few challenges.

It takes roughly 2 hours to get to Rockport anyway you go.  Ellen and I wanted to take the scenic highway along the coast.  Takes a whopping 9 minutes longer but, that’s what we wanted.  I set the map directions on my phone; pressed start.  

So, and I know this NOW because I paid attention coming back, you take Hwy 59S to Hwy 71.  Then a couple farm roads and ultimately land on Hwy 35 going south and west.  Lots of  planted farm land, lots of pretty ocean views, not much traffic.  

About the time we got to El Campo, Siri announced “You can save 9 minutes!” and changed the directions.  Aarrgghhh!  I don’t like the phone (or any inanimate and many living things) to tell me what to do.  If you’re paying attention and holding the phone, you can tell her NO, argue a few minutes and eventually she'll give up and go the way you want.  However, I was driving – and - we took Hwy 59 most of the way with traffic, trucks, and no nice views.  I fumed the whole way.  Okay, okay – in with the good air; out with the bad.

Got to Rockport.  Found a parking place. Walked over to the art festival.  So, if you live anywhere around here you know, yesterday was hot, humid, no cloud cover, minimal breeze, lots of sun, and HOT.  That’s fine – we expected this.

Now, and this is a personal “rule” for me, I generally don’t go to art festivals that have an entry fee.  Primarily because, I go with a specific amount of $$ to spend and I’d rather spend it on something I want and that benefits the artists and/or food vendors.  This show is held outside.  I might feel differently if the show was held in a large building with AC.  The artists are located under canopies outside in the heat.  They are slap-dash up against one another so if it’s crowded, you sort of shuffle from booth to booth.  The cost is pricey - $10.  Alright – we expected this also.  What we didn’t expect was to get there just a few minutes after it opened and find the place jam-packed-full of people.  When I said “shuffle from booth to booth” I was not kidding.  Just trying to get in the line going one way or another was hard (like 8am traffic in Houston!). 

There was good, bad and just odd.  Art is a very personal thing so I'm not going to denote good from bad, just some of the ones I really liked -

Stacy Gresell
Encaustic and mixed media

 Amy Lancaster
Raku Pottery

Letty Tijerina
Painted Tiles

Cindy Gentry
Lampwork Glass

Bill Killian
Wood Sculpture

Kathy Scofield
Coastal Art

Barbara Francis

Christopher Alan Smith
Hand Drawn Maps

Ann Feldmeir
Unique Earthware Ceramics

Aly Winningham

Rita Marie Ross
Woven Metal Sculpture

I know, I know – I need to quit soon.  This is one of the odd ones and I want one for my yard!  I love it! 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the artist’s name.

These all make me smile!

 SD Meadows
Folk Art

There were more food vendors this year.  And, it you go, plan to share lunch with someone – the amounts are huge!

We left Rockport around 130-ish for the drive back to big W.  And, this time, we took the coast road.  Nice and pretty drive back.

7 Jul 2019


  1. Very interesting art. I'm guessing that they couldn't put it in a building because of what Harvey did to it. Many of the buildings were a total loss.

  2. Looks like a decent show. Weather is always the krap shoot. Interesting it was a "gated" outdoor show. The gated outdoor shows I did either were by professional promoters, which made sense as the gate was their income after expense, or by art museums, and such. I remember watching customers accumulate before the shows opened, and totally in awe of the customers, rain or shine, who had come to see a good show and have a good time. I hoped it was that way for you and Ellen.

    1. It is a good show. And, the crowds were huge - heat and all. I wish they'd spread everyone out just a little to accommodate the artists/ visitors/ customers. It was hard to see some of the displays of art and certainly hard to move around. It doesn't appear to be professional promoters that put on the show so I'm assuming the profit goes toward the next years show and to the city for continued help with restoration after the storm.

  3. Well I think we must have the same taste - I loved all the things you photographed. Fortunately I don't have the room for much more in our house because I certainly don't have the money. Well, we could do some things in the yard... Hmmm...

    1. I have the same problem - not much room inside and limited money to spend. There were some lovely things but everything I liked was out of my comfort zone. Still, I did enjoy seeing everything there!