Thursday, April 25, 2019

Eat a bullfrog first thing every morning and nothing worse will happen!

This was another of THOSE mornings.  Awake at 4am and up, dressed, and ready to face the world before 5.  By 6, I had done my exercises, dealt with clocks, dishes, and various household tasks.  And, it was still dark outside!  Ugh.

Then, I decided to try to figure out why I’m having problems with the wifi/apple tv box.  Now, my tv hangs on the wall and trying to see where things should plug in is somewhere between difficult and impossible.  But, I did finally plug the apple tv into a different port, plug/unplug, move the little black box to see if that makes a difference and stood up.  And, wacked my head on the shelf above the tv. 

Ouch! Owie, Owie, Owie!  Owowowowow.

Honest to god, I saw stars for a few seconds.  And, came away with a lump the size of a grapefruit.  Ok, maybe not the size of a grapefruit; maybe closer to the size of a key lime.  But it hurt grapefruit size. 

A bit later, I walked out to the garage.  Actually, I was looking for a hammer but I got side-tracked by two big spider webs that were trying to cover part of the tool table and the stairs handrail.  I have a spider problem in the garage.  They love it there.  I keep telling them – outside is better.  First, I won’t be destroying the webs and second, there are more bugs out there.  Nobody listens to me.  So, I got the broom and swept down the webs.  Then, I decided to give a quick sweep to the floor and dislodged a giant water bug (hey, I live in the south – we just have to deal with them).  Without thinking about it, I chased it down, lifted my injured left foot and SMACK stomped down on bug and cement floor.  Hurt – ohmigod – that hurt.

Then I went inside the house and sat down and cried for a few minutes.

Okay – these three things constitute my bullfrog for the day.  Now, things are going to get better.

Today is Estate Sale Thursday!  And, my sister and I headed out to a local estate sale to see what there was to see.

I get an email from the company that handles local estate sales and she wrote that the owner had been an “avid” golfer.  Uh huh. 

Avid:  characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit

Obsessive:  excessive often to an unreasonable degree

And, of course, there were hundreds of golf ‘T’s and golf club sox (or club covers or whatever they’re called), and golf gloves and golf hats.  Somebody liked to play golf.

Then, there were these.  I wonder if these were used to settle any disputes about “avid” and “obsessive”.

25 Apr 2019


  1. One thing I hate is spiders. My take on them is they were pets on a UFO and they got left behind. So they mated with whatever would allow them to do so and now we have spiders. I say nuke them from space.
    Obsessed with a silly game. Now I could probably understand basketball or football or even baseball. But golf? That's just ewwwwww.

    1. Hmmm - mutant feral spiders. could be worse - could be rats or mice.

  2. Obsessive I would say! That's a lot of balls!

  3. My brother used to build racks like the golf club rack to hold garden tools. He built them for our studio to hold extra reeds. My dad used to make the same rack to hold useful cuts of lumber. I thought both of them same, intelligent men. All I can say here is, that gold club holder looks well made and ill used.

  4. Visiting from Ellen your sis and she needs to give some help, obviously! You need to sit and breathe for a bit. Our bugs are still in hiding for now.

  5. We're new to Texas, from California. Your sister said I should come have a look at your blog. I don't do sports well, I have often said sports, all sports, are just a bunch of folks, guys mainly, out playing with their balls in public. From your blog today I find the source of some of the balls.
    Nice fun blog, thanks. I'll try to put you on the list to come visit more often.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. As for sports - obviously, I don't understand the lure. Welcome to Texas.

  6. I came over here from Ellen's place. I'm sorry you had such a rough morning, but you definitely kept your sense of humor intact. Thanks for making me laugh!