Tuesday, April 9, 2019

And the beat goes on . . . . .

one I had planned that today I would make my last trip to the foot doctor because

I don’t think anything he’s doing is helping

I have a hefty co-pay for each visit

It’s a long drive to/from to see him and visits are usually a whopping 15 minutes long, including wait time.

In my opinion, his staff exaggerated the whole orthotics legend – from what they fix (heel pain, bunions, neuropathy, the swish of your hips, how your bra fits) to the availability of shoe types the orthotics will work with (you can wear them with sandals, all your dress shoes, four-inch heels any type as long as it’s not an open heel!).  Yeah – no – doesn’t fit in any shoes except these and I’m not wearing these all summer – THEY ARE HOT!

However, today the DR said these orthotics are not working so he was going to, at no added expense, have another set made that are flexible and have a padded heel.  Okaaay – one more trip.

two “And another one gone, and another one gone; Another one bites the dust, yeah”

Yesterday I finished another flower bed!  Wahooo!  This was the amaryllis flower bed.  Amaryllis are very prolific and they had reached the point of growing on top of themselves.   So, I dug them all out, separated them, enlarged the flower bed, replanted about half of them and reinstalled the edging.  Three hours of work but well worth it!

three I wonder, sometimes, about odd things – like spam.  You know, the kind that shows up in your email spam box.  I check the spam box time to time because occasionally things show up there that are not spam.  So, I wonder - how does it all seem to be the same stuff at the same time. 

Like for instance, right now I’m getting all sorts of offers for home loans, home improvement loans, GET UP TO $15,000 EASY PEASY and home improvement offers, like remodel your bathroom, reroof your house, SAVE ENERGY, GET NEW WINDOWS.  

Last month it was Girls, Girls, Girls, - Green, Purple, Blue Orange – whatever you want – Girls, Girls, Girls.  Oh, and Adult dating.

Then, the month before that – drugs oyez, oyez, oyez, get yer drugs here (mostly Viagra).   

General weirdness in the computer universe.

three . 5  Another thing I wonder about . . .

Horse Galoshes.  We saw them at an estate sale recently.  And, they were priced individually – each was $3.  So, why would you only want one.  Poor little horsie, hopping around on one foot in the rain and mud.  And how, on gods green earth, would you get the horse to stand still long enough to put on such a thing.  It was hard with a 20 lb child much less a bazillion lb horse. 

four I like clocks.  And, I have several, all ‘tick-tock’ and many bing or bong or chime and one that sings songs.  And, I think they all have a mind of their own.  Doesn’t seem to matter what the level says – ahoy! all level here; start with the tick tockingno. 

One in particular insisted on sitting in a corner of the kitchen.  Well, fine until I had to move it to the table by the sofa.  No, no tick-tock.  O-K!  Moved it several other places.  No, no tick-tocking.  FINE!  DON’T TICK, JUST SIT THERE AND LOOK CLOCKISH!  Then, today I had to move it again for (just for a week or so).  Set it in the middle of my desk and tick, tock, tick, tock.  Really??? In the middle of the desk?  Could it be just a little more awkward? 

Well, I should go outside and work in the yard BUT it’s after 3pm and we’re having summer out there right now so instead I’m going to get my book, a glass of herb tea, take off the hot shoes and see what’s happening in Pecan Springs.

9 Apr 2019


  1. well, my opinion of the doc just rose a little.

    1. Mine too. He was very forthright admitting they were not helping at all and now were "expensive door stops". So - I'll see what happens.