Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Butterflies and Frogs and Twits

April is National Frog Month.  So, I shall start by copying an idea from my sister’s blog.  She posted, recently, some very cute pictures of the little frogs that live in her yard. 

Me too!  I have frogs . . . .

It is also International Twit Award Month.  Who knew?  Certainly, the choice of candidates for the Twit Award is large – many should receive the prize.

Over the past many days, I have worked my butt off in the yard.  Up and out before 8AM; work 3-5 hours; I have come to the conclusion, I DON’T WANT TO WORK THIS HARD ANY MORE – I AM DONE!  Actually, I have gotten 95% of the things on my list of projects done.  Yea!  I’m still working on spray painting furniture but that’s not really hard work.  A bit frustrating because of the wind which has been blowing about 20 mph and ringing all my windchimes, bells, knocking over plants, making spray painting impossible, grrrrr, but, if it’s easy, it’s no fun.  (FYI – at 7AM the wind fan hasn’t been turned on yet.  So far, the best time to paint.)

Something I just discovered – my butterfly bush had filled out and started to bloom a couple of days or so ago.


Today, it looks like this

See the bare sticks, that’s it.

All because of this . . .

Future Monarch

Yes, it will come back and probably be stripped clean again.  But the end result is worth it!

16 Apr 2019


  1. I don't think I've seen the witchy frog.

    1. She had been sitting in a flowerbed, somewhat hidden however recently she got broken so I moved her to a safer place until I can try to repair the damage.