Thursday, January 10, 2019

This is only January

This is only the first of January – not even halfway through.  And, yet . . . . . the yard is calling me.

Come out, Come out
and work in the yard.

It’s because the past several days have been in the 60’s and 70’s with clear blue skies and light breezes.  Every time I walk outside, I start thinking

“I’ll just dig this up from here and move it over there won’t take but a minute and go ahead and plant these seeds right here and where is the shovel and . . .”   

Of course, the fact that all the weeds and many of the cultivated plants have jumped right up out of the ground and started blooming and growing, is not helping with the “work in the yard” song. 

I’ll just bet you think all that green is something good – nope – chickweed and wood violets.  Arrrggghhh!!

And these are all over the flowerbeds

A weedy Astor of one sort or another

Lots of Oxalis

And then, the things I planted on purpose that aren’t supposed to be blooming yet . . . .

Isn’t this little guy cute?
Flower is about the size of my finger tip.
I’m not completely sure what this is
other than a mini daffodil -
it was a passalong plant.

The roses are blooming

and the Milkweed


and the Shrimp Plant

Still, I am being mostly strong and limiting myself to only pulling the most annoying weeds because I KNOW there is still a good chance that Winter is Coming or at least a freeze or two, maybe three.  This is only the first of January!

10 Jan 2019

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