Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Birdhouse Repair/Repaint

I have a large birdhouse – have had it for, well for a really long time.  Originally it was painted red, white, blue with a single Texas star on each side of the roof.  And, it looks like a bird – kinda.  I like it.  Its biggest drawback is that there’s no clean-out trap door.  Heaven only knows what’s inside it and as long as nothing (like wasps) flies out – I don’t think I need to know.  I’ve repainted it a couple of times and it was ready for a freshening up.

Now, here’s the thing about painting.  I really don’t like to paint.  I don’t like to paint because (1) I get paint all over myself and (2) I always convince myself that I will absolutely not get paint on whatever I’m wearing (translation: I don’t change into something old and already paint spotted). 

This time, I decided to give the birdhouse a whole new look. 

Started painting and wouldn’t you just know – splot! – a big drop of red paint landed on my BRAND NEW sweatpants.  Arrgh!  Skinned them right off and immediately washed out the paint.  Whew.  Changed to old pants.  Kept on painting and brushed the cuff of my BRAND NEW sweatshirt against part of the roof.  Double Arrgh!  Repeat above action.  Now, dressed properly, I continued to paint and while I managed to get paint all over my hands and fingers, I didn’t get any paint on the old clothes.  When all was said and done, I did get a new looking birdhouse.  It adds a bright splash of color to my back yard.

I like it!

16 Jan 2019

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