Thursday, June 28, 2018

Strawberries and Other Odd Things

Tonight, June 28, is the Strawberry Full Moon, so named by the Algonquin tribes (per the Old Farmer’s Almanac) because it is the time wild strawberries are ready to pick.  Keep in mind the Algonquin tribes were widespread through North America along the Atlantic Coast and around the Great Lakes – you know – cold places.  I’d think our strawberries were ready to pick a while back.

There are other names for tonight’s moon – Honey Moon, Mead Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon (I think that one applies for us here). 

And, just in case you didn’t realize – the sun is in emotional, nurturing Cancer (the mother of the zodiac) and the moon is in serious, realistic Capricorn (the father).  So, ask yourself
             Have you been making mature and responsible decisions?
Are you playing by the rules and fulfilling your duties?

Yes?  Well this full moon might bring you closer to what you've been seeking.

Yeah, yeah – if Michael were here, he’d tell me “I don’t believe in such things”. 
 OK, but reallyyou never know what works.

Now, what fun and exciting can we do during this time ….

This is a good time to rearrange furniture – maybe try feng shui in your bedroom or kitchen to boost everything from financial abundance to mental focus.  Open the windows or add air-purifying plants like

Spider plants,

Boston Ferns, Rubber Plants, Palms, Aloe Vera,


These plants can remove chloroform, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene, nitrogen monoxide and trichloroethylene, plus many other chemicals.

Participate in a sweat lodge ceremony to detoxify and cleanse.  Here, oh so easy – just go outside and work in your yard for a couple hours!  Or, you could go to a sauna or spa but what fun is that!

Relax in wateroh good – I like this one. Take an Epsom salt bath.  During the full moon, soothing minerals will be better absorbed into the body. Make the most out of the energetic shift by soaking up the good vibes in the tub.  Works for me.

Clean out your closet - Get rid of things that you no longer use, need or love.  Let go of bad habits.

Make a Wheel of Fortune.  Some cultures often make wheels of fortune, which are similar to dream catchers. These wheels can be used two different ways: You can make a wheel that embodies misfortune and discard it by rolling it away from you, burning it, or burying it. Or, you can make a wheel to symbolize good fortune and roll it towards you or hang it in your home.

Put together a Strawberry Full Moon-inspired meal.  How about Strawberry cake, bread, salad, salsa, ice cream, cobbler, smoothie or try pureed strawberries over chicken or fish.

Take a look out tonight.  The Strawberry Moon should be colorful and Saturn will be at opposition, which means Saturn will be at its closest and brightest ever for this year.  (Opposition, in simple terms, describes the point at which the Earth sits exactly between the planet and the sun.)

Take care

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