Monday, June 4, 2018


So, you may remember my post of several days ago –

 29 May, “For the love of fishing”.  Previously:  Two enthusiastic fishermen, while exploring, found a small lake with fishing possibilities.  It was somewhat secluded (good thing) but located on private property (not so good) plus the water inside the lake was private – owned by a 2nd party (also not so good).  The only problem with this lovely gem besides being owned by others, was the lack of a boat ramp.  These two eager individuals decided to build one (for the private lake with private water) themselves.  In the process, they managed to get a large trackhoe stuck in the mud and then ….. it sunk in the mud in the private lake filled with private water.  At last they decided to 1. Get a bulldozer – a really big bulldozer; 2. Hire a diver to attach cables; 3. Pull the trackhoe out of the water. 

 The trackhoe is still in the lake (possibly to become a permanent fixture – Lake Art).  The diver went down to check the situation and it seems the trackhoe is deeply stuck, wedged, fixed, trapped, caught, jammed in the mud.  Bulldozer is not getting it out.

“O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!”
William Shakespeare

What to do ….. what to do…….



Leave the galaxy, I say.

Take care

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