Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Adventures in my Back Yard

 Last week with all the rain, a large branch from one of the pecan trees self-pruned and plummeted to the ground.  And, however it happened, the fallen branch landed upright and wedged in the ground and in the fork of the tree about 10 feet away from it.

Grrrrrrr.  Pecan trees are more trouble than the few pecans they produce! 

Alrightie then – there’s no cutting it into pieces this way.   Hmmmmm - yard art???  Even IF I could cut through the branch, the remainder, which was really, really long would fall – right on top of me.  Yard art might work.  Next, let’s see if I could get it onto the ground.  So I shoved, pushed, put my back into it, pushed without gentleness aaannnnnd – nothing happened.  Not even a little bit.  Grrrrrrrrr.  My friend, Bobby, had already offered to help, so I called - Heeelllpppppp.  He thought we could get it out.  This morning was the day.

First of all, I got out the trusty chain saw, the loppers, and a big ladder.  Whoa! – Armed and dangerous!  I cut off all smaller branches as far as I could reach.  No need to give that damn thing any more to grab with than necessary.

His plan was to bring his truck, tie the branch to the truck, and try to jerk it bottom side up so the branch would fall to the ground.

Aaannnddddd ---- it worked!  mostly.

Part of the fallen branch wedged tightly in a fork of the tree it leaned against.  Fine.  Still, it worked!  Where’s the chain saw.

Then, we were left with this –

My turn.  I climbed up on the truck bed cover, armed with the chain saw and cut the long part of the branch in two, keeping fingers crossed that nothing would fall on the truck or me.


Take care

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