Saturday, November 3, 2018

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Well, Halloween was pretty much a bust at my house.  First of all – no Jack-o-lantern because there was not one pumpkin to be found in Wharton.

Then, as trick or treat time approached, the weather turned from overcast and warm to big wind, rain, and dropping temperatures.  Honestly, it sounded like huge things were running all over my roof as the pecan tree dropped branches and nuts.  Next morning the yard looked like this – pecans everywhere!

Thursday my sister and I, on the spur of the moment decided to drive to Midfield (about 30 miles south) to an estate sale.  The pictures had looked interesting and off we went.  Midfield is a tiny town and when I say tiny I mean maybe 100 people live there.  This was one of the more interesting estate sales we’ve been to in a while.  There was all sorts of stuff.  Some unique, some lovely, some weird.  I have to say, the company handling the estate sale priced things to sell because it seems Mr. Shurtz was a collector of lots and much. 

There was some very nice vintage pottery – Hull, McCoy, Roseville.  There was carnival glass, milk glass, even some Fritz & Floyd.  All priced very reasonably.  Were I truly a collector of such, I’m sure I’d have brought some home.

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake Pan (along with ones for Oscar the Grouch, Superman, HeMan and several others)

 All sorts of railroad stuff

A garage full of guy stuff including some large machine shop machines.


  Railroad lanterns.  A little clean up and these would be a real find.  My I NEEEEED THIS kicked in but, I was strong and kept on looking.

 I’m not sure just what this is – a floor heater? (I wouldn’t think so as it has glass chimneys) a table lamp? (maybe).  Very definitely unique.

 Alien face things – not a mask – seems it is meant to be hung on a wall and (I suspect) the eyes light up.  Just a little weird.
Another oddity – a chandelier made up of six lights.  Unfortunately, only three of the sconces were still whole but I have to tell you, once again, my I THINK I NEEEEED THIS kicked in.  Not that I’d hang the thing in my house but I might have put it outside – in my gazebo maybe or taken it apart and kept the three complete sconces.  However, common sense kicked in and I walked away.

There were pirates hanging out with the kitchen cleaners.

And a large Jesus hanging on the living room wall.

Unique, lovely and weird – you just can’t ask for more in an estate sale!

Take care

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