Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Habits and Other Things


Habits are funny things – right?  For instance, when I was president of our garden club, I suggested we move our Thursday 9:30am meeting to Saturday around 10am. 

And, was light-sabered down for my suggestion.

OH NO! Saturday is the weekend!!

Yes, it is a weekend day BUT everyone that comes to the Thursday morning meeting is retired – right?  And, if we move it to a once-a-month Saturday or even an every other month meeting, we might be able to entice younger people to join – right?  And, as a retired person, Saturday is pretty much like every other day – right?

I lost that battle.

Of course, I’m just as bad.  Again, for instance …  When I was a stay-at-home mom, I did housework, laundry, etc during the week, keeping the weekend open for “fun family stuff”.  Then, as things changed and I had to go to work full-time, I tried to keep most Saturdays open for “fun stuff” and on Sunday, I cleaned house, did laundry, etc. 

I maintained this schedule for more years than not.  And, then I retired. 

How, you ask, did I spend this past Sunday and 98% of every other Sunday?

We have had an unseasonably hot spring and early summer.  Temperatures in the 90’’s in April, upper 90’s in May and 100’s in June.  Ugh.  And, no rain.  Double ugh!  The “no rain” is worse than the hot temps.  We usually average nearly 50” of rain here.  Now, I don’t have official numbers but I’m thinking at ½ way through the year, we’ve had less than 10” of rain.  I already lived in the desert.  I moved away from there to be back in the wet part of the universe. 

I’m worried somebody teleported this part of TX to AZ.  

I have been tasked with trying to encourage the rain by dancing around, shaking my rain stick while making incantations and requests of various rain goddesses.  

I think it worked.  Yesterday, things changed.  By that I mean, yesterday it rained.  As in poured-down-rain-sideways.  We also had what felt like 50 mph winds.  Everything in my yard blew over.  The positive - we got 2+ inches of rain.  I wouldn’t mind more rain though not so much wind.

Today is my birthday.  It’s a big number birthday – 75.  I’m not worried about that number yet.  Recently a friend sent me this –

A large population study found the ability to balance on one foot for more than ten seconds was associated with a lower mortality rate.

Translation: if you can stand on one foot, for more than 10 seconds, you’ll likely live longer. 

I can do that.

I know I have been quiet blog-wise.  Reason?  I know nothing of any great interest.  So, I’ll share a few things that make me smile. 

And finally -

28 Jun 2022


  1. Happy birthday! I hear you on boards and how they can't change any arrangement just because..

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! 75 is such a nice number. Yes, people are always slow to change, aren't they? I laughed at those memes you posted, especially the one about Texas and snow.

  3. When I was working, I never joined the quilt or needlework guilds because of weekday meetings, and the ones that had evening meetings - well, I was tired and didn't want to be staying in town that late with a nearly-hour long drive home. I had grand plans to join when I retired, but covid hit, meetings canceled, and even now, I can't be arsed to get out of the house for much more than grocery runs. Housecleaning used to be a weekend thing, now it's a bit at a time whenever I get the ambition or can't stand it any more. All-in-all, I got more done at home when I was working than I do now. Of course, lots more time is now spent on quilting & needlework. And reading blogs.
    Keep bringing up the meeting change, someday it might make sense to the others. Good work with the rain stick and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy happy birthday!! I think I can balance on one leg for more than 10 seconds, but I'm a little afraid to try. Ha! Since I'm still working I do my housework on the weekends, but even then I often can't be bothered. I did absolutely zip last weekend, except wash some clothes (we were about out of underwear).

  5. I have underwear older than you...happy birthday