Monday, April 11, 2022

Saturday and Other Fun Stuff


Saturday our local Farmer’s Market opened.  No vegetables of course, too early even for us but lots of other things . . .


Crafty types.

Canned goods and baked goods.

The boy scouts

were selling very pretty eggs

There were cut flowers

and flowers to plant.

There were chickies

and cascarones.

In case you don’t know - Cascarones are a cross between an Easter egg and a party favor. They are brightly colored eggshells, either hand-painted or dyed, filled with confetti.  You crack them over the heads of friends and family for luck.  I used to make dozens of them every Easter from the time my children were able to hunt for eggs until even now (though I don’t make more than one or two these days). 

These are ones made in past years.

The rest of my weekend was filled with all sorts of fun stuff – like vacuuming and dusting and laundry, oh boy.  Plus I rearranged all the furniture and plants on the back porch.  I’m trying to find the best sun for those that would like the morning but not the afternoon sun.  And I finally managed to get my old stained-glass window hung up. 

Not exactly what I wanted but better than sitting in my closet.

Tis an exciting life I lead here in Wharton.


11 Apr 2022


  1. I like those rabbit and carrot lawn ornaments at the Farmers Market!

  2. I've been knee deep into the youtube videos of the veggie boys..they just planted their first planting of corn..30 days early cause they put down a cornstarch film over it that causes condensation and warms the ground up and then poof it's gone..I love science.

  3. Your stained glass is lovely. I finally got mine hung, as well.

  4. It's pretty much the same scene at our farmers' market. It will still be a while before the first strawberries arrive; in the meantime it's fun to meander around.

  5. I always enjoy visiting Farmers Markets.
    I did like the photographs you've shared here.

    All the best Jan

  6. Ooo - love your stained glass window! And that last meme is the TRUTH. Ha!

  7. Aren't farmers market the best? Ours is year round, but since I work most Saturdays (except in summer) I can't go very often. This Saturday though I don't have to work and will definitely go.