Tuesday, September 14, 2021



Was actually a bit of a fizzle.

All day Sunday and Monday we were getting warnings of major rain – 3-6 inches and wind – upwards of 50 mph.  Yesterday we had light rain with one or two heavy rain bands blow through.  Then we had some wind.  Not sure just how much but it didn’t do more than blow over all the plumerias and whip my baby trees back and forth.

TS Nicholas blowing in Monday morning

Monday evening the outside turned orange with the tiny glimpse of a rainbow

No complaints.  I’ve seen tropical storms come ashore and just sit and rain – for days. 

And, YAY!!, I finished my upcoming presentation on herbs.  Just have to clean up my speaking notes and decide about a handout. 

Slides will look like this and I’ll then talk specifically about planting, growth, how/when to use, and so forth.  I’ve chosen some plants people will recognize, some they may not realize have herb properties, and some they may have never heard of – we’ll see what happens.

Actually, I’m just a bit concerned that attendance will be very low since it supposed to start raining on Friday and continue for the next dozen days. 

I mentioned another new crochet project I plan to start – making a sweater. 

I went off to Hobby Lobby (closest place to buy yarn) and DAMN! they now only carry two brands, neither of which was what I wanted.  So, I decided on the Yarn Bee brand.  Found a color they had enough skeins of and bought them.  Then, coming home, my mind says – Hmmmmm, you didn’t check the number of yards in the pattern skein vs what you bought hmmmm.  Of course, didn’t buy nearly enough as the YB skeins are half the size of the Heartland.  Argh!  And, no they didn’t have any more in that color.  And yes I could order more but it would cost almost half again as much.  Argh!  If I have to order it, might as well get what I wanted so I placed an order with Lion Brand.  And two days later got an email from them saying – “Golly gee whiz we are so busy it will be unknown time before we can send out your yarn, we’ve already charged you for oopsie”. 

Our weather cooled down for a few days.  By that I mean it was 70° at 6am and only a high of 93° for the day.  Since I’m a morning person, I put on walking togs and did a two mile walk last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Annnnnd by Friday night, my shins hurt! 


I’m pretty sure shins are not supposed to hurt!  I was hobbling around my house like a little old lady.  Okay – all got better by Sunday and when I can get out and walk again, I may try building up to 2 miles.  I did see some interesting things while walking though.  Like


Green Milkweed

an Emu

You never know what you’ll see around here!


 14 Sep 2021



  1. Great relief about the storm. And yeah, shins can hurt. Good to get into walking when the cooler weather gets here. I've walked almost daily for decades, and I may be cranky, but not half as cranky as I'd be uf I didn't!

  2. Monday we had a teeny tiny black cloud drop a torrent of rain over us in the morning. It lasted all of 10 seconds but it was refreshing even though that was the only amount of rain we ever got so far this week. Thank the Goddess you didn't get damaging winds and too much flooding rain.
    I love the way the herb slides will look and that last meme was funny.

  3. Glad the storm was not as bad as anticipated. Too bad about that yarn snafu. I love the witchcraft meme! "And then suddenly . . . a blanket"

  4. I've struggled to find yarn - I think the pandemic made people go crazy with yarn crafts & production still hasn't caught up. I'll bet your sweater will be lovely - what color did you choose?

    1. I decided on a light gray. Should go with anything.

  5. I have a sweater in that style that my friends mother knitted for me years ago and its the heaviest sweater I've even owned and can wear it for an hour and I'm sweating from every pore. I've had it for over 10 years and damn..it's still like new..we're having a cold front here..in the mid 80's and might get some rain in a week or so..hopefully.

    1. Your cold front finally got here! Yay! We got about 30 minutes of much needed rain and temps in the low 60's. Yay yay yay!