Thursday, September 2, 2021

Greetings - start thinking "Cool Weather"


Well, in the ongoing

 Laptop Saga

 (remember, I had to remove the puffed-up battery, thus turning my laptop into a table top computer).  (And, by the way, the puffed-up battery is still all wrapped up, in a plastic box, in a plastic bucket, sitting in the back yard as so far, I can’t find anyplace that will take it as is – ugh). 

A few days after the whole battery thing, the keyboard started going wonky.  First the ‘shift’ key stopped working.  No caps, no symbols above numbers.  Grrrrr.  Then the letter ‘c’ stopped working.  You’d be surprised at how many words have a ‘c’ in them.  Then the ‘space’ bar stopped working.  Heavy sigh.

Once again, a call to my son-in-law thinking I’d need to get the new computer sooner rather than later.  Instead his suggestion was to get a cheap keyboard that would plug into the laptop and use that because  the new laptops he’s looked at so far –


And, my new large screen, printer, and wireless mouse all plug into a port. 

So, I did get a new keyboard and am back in business!  As for the new laptop – I am leaving that frustrating issue to someone better qualified to deal with the problem and stress.

Last year I agreed to do a program for our outreach program – Hesed House.  This is a wonderful organization run by a smart, lovely, patient woman.  Then, of course, the plague arrived.  Everything was canceled for a time.  Now, I’m scheduled again to give the program titled

And, it’s about - - - Herbs.  A bit about herbs you know and love, a bit about herbs you may not be familiar with, and a bit about things that are herbs that may surprise you.  For instance, 

Did You Know?

There are over 100 different kinds of basil?


Basil is known as the money plant so, keep a leaf or two in your wallet to attract money to you.  It could happen!


Did You know?

Cattails are considered a cornucopia herb.  It can provide food, medicine, and clothing.  Shoots, roots, and seeds are edible.  In past times it’s been used for nose bleeds, toothaches, help with digestion, as a poultice used for wounds, boils, burns, insect bites and stings.  The roots help to clean polluted water.  And, the seed heads can be used as stuffing for pillows or inside clothes for warmth.  Leaves can be woven into any sort of useable object. 


Grown close to your home, they promote peace and prosperity.

Anyway, the program will be full of that type of stuff along with some “how to plant and take care of” information.  I’ve been working on the presentation and am about ½ way finished (which includes the slide show, talking notes, and hand-outs).

I’m still trying to get bids on some work that needs to be done here.  Honest to god, it’s like pulling teeth to get contractors to respond AND give me a detailed bid (rather than just a “oh, about $$$$ text”). 

I found a sweater pattern I want to try, so I went to the yarn store today. 


Yes – still working on the embroidery project.  And the herb presentation.  And finishing up several ghosts.  And, and, and.  Guess I’d better get on with something!

Well, have a good day.


2 Sep 2021



  1. My sympathies -- computer woes are the WORST. And yes, I knew about cattails! Only in theory, though, not from personal experience.

  2. I love the lecture subject. Cattails are pretty much all purpose!

    My solution to keyboard problems was to shake the whole thing in case debris had got in. Bit I think parts just wear out.

  3. I think cattails are a bast fiber that can be spun into linen like thread, but if that interests you to really round out cattails, you'd better research it a bit. Remember, I once thought I could spin milkweed fluff, but no, it's the basty fiber part.

    1. Thank you! I did some research and it's not a bast fiber but is a leaf fiber and can be made into cordage and can be woven.

  4. Ooo - your herb presentation sounds great! And I can't wait to see what you make next. I've been ANNOYED because I'm making something for my niece & so I can't really skip around and do other stuff until I finish. But I think I'll finish it this weekend - yipee!

  5. We love herbs in our house, so versatile in cooking :)

    All the best Jan

  6. I'm surprised there are laptops without USB ports... I just hate computer problems since I know almost nothing about it and always have to ask my husband.
    I had no idea there are 100 kinds of basil, I thought it was just a few. Your heb presentation sounds so interesting, I hope you will tell us more. I also had no idea about all the uses of cattails.
    Are you going to knit or crochet the sweater?