Thursday, January 28, 2021

End of January!



I’m not sure how this has happened – the end of January already.

I looked back over my List of things I HOPE to Accomplish in 2021.

1 Exercise more regularly
2 Eat proper meals
3 Get a bunch of the plants currently in containers, into the ground
4 Get the rest of my ‘stuff’ stored in Ellen’s shop over here and where I can find it all
5 Work more on my genealogy (I like doing that but it gets pushed to the back often)
6 Think of interesting places to go and things to post here
7 Stay healthy and safe and mostly out of trouble!

So, a recap – I’m doing well on numbers 1, 2, 5, and 7.  I’m working on #3 – and I’ve managed to plant two more trees (that have been living in pots) and a Texas Mountain Laurel which I am going to try to make look like a tree (it’s one of tree-like shrubs). 

 I want mine to look like this

rather than



Today I’m going to get out and plant a Loquat tree and a Lemon tree, both grown from seed.  Forest – I’m planting my own forest. 

Oh, and I’ve also planted a prickly pear cactus (supposed to be spineless – hahahahaha no such thing).  I’ve decided where some of the shrubby things are going to go and will be working on those by the middle of February. 

It’s been very mild this winter with only one or two frosts and, this year, that’s fine.  Next year we can have winter as I’ll be better prepared plant-wise.  Of course, February tends to be our SURPRISE! month.  It will be mild and sunny one day and freezing and overcast the next. 

As I said - I’m working on #3.

I’ve also done some work with my genealogy.  More research on the Abbotts and Pulliams.  (#5 – check)

Great grandmother Mary Marcella Fowlkes Pulliam
abt 1883

Great grandfather Homer Virgil Pulliam
late 1920’s

 2nd great grandfather Frances Marian Abbott



2nd Great grandmother Margaret Waldrop Abbott
1870 (the woman looks like she could bite tacks!)


8th great grandmother Elizabeth Peyton Beverly
late 1600s (she’s on the Pulliam side)

With the arrival of the wonderful-marvelous-beautiful shed, I’ve also been working on #4, getting my stuff in a place where I can find it.  I am still a bit hampered by the fact that the wmb shed is full of plants but soon they will all be back in the sun and the shed will hold – shed stuff.

And, while I didn’t include this on THE LIST, I’ve worked on various projects started, then set aside to “finish later” (haha).  Here, I’ve been pretty successful also.  I have a number of bird houses and all of them have needed some refreshing.  I got several repainted, repaired, and put up for new birdies. 


While working on the cat bird house, I noticed something wedged inside and popped it out.  Along with the one, came several more somethings.

four itty-bitty eggs!

I think these are Titmouse eggs. 

I did feel guilty as I wasn’t aware the house was inhabited when I took it down for packing but . . .

I’ve also done a great deal of handwork which is destined for a project to be finished before next November.  Hard to tell but they’re about 50% beadwork.  They’ll look better after the finish work is done.

I’ve not been successful at # 6 on The List, keeping in touch via blog, thus my surprise that it is the end of January already.  I’ll try to do better but you know – Covid and I live in Wharton (both things that limit anything even slightly maybe possibly interesting). 

Guess that’s it for today.  Y’all stay warm, safe and for everyone’s sake, wear a mask/social distance!


28 Jan 2021


  1. That's an impressive list. We were doing well on our goal of riding up the hills on the bikes every other day, until the rain, snow and high winds appeared. Maybe Saturday.... I like the Texas Laurel, they make nice flowers.

  2. Well, haven't you been a busy bee! Those bird houses are delightful! And the beadwork! My gawd, you must have good eyesight to do that!

  3. Wow, your list is organized. But you always write interestingly even if you do live in Wharton :)

  4. Tufted titmouse, another of my favorite birds. Tiny, tiny eggs,

  5. You're doing way more than I am! I think everyone has an ancestor who looks like 2nd Great grandmother Margaret Waldrop Abbott :)

  6. What great photos of your ancestors.
    I also have a load of 'stuff' to sort out. One day I tell myself.