Friday, January 29, 2021

A Day in the Life


I mentioned that I planned to plant at least two more trees yesterday – a Loquat and a Lemon.  I also planned to mix up the weed killer and work on a few more weedy areas.  Temps were almost too cool and it was a bit windy but . . . .

Out I went.  Got the shovel, the two trees, decided where they were going to be planted and remembered – no gloves.  Went to the shed to get them and . . .

Now, something about the shed.  The door is very heavy -
V E R Y  H E A V Y. 
Has some heavy duty hinges.  Opens/closes easily but it’s
V E R Y  H E A V Y

opened the door, got my gloves and stepped out.  Then several things happened.

1 A huge gust of wind hit me

2 Knocked me off balance and I

3 Partially stepped on a brick and stumbled

4 The wind hit the HEAVY DOOR

5 The door hit me

6 I went flying across the yard and

Then, I just lay there for a while thinking

(don’t we all think that first?)

Then, I sat up and

My left knee took the majority of the crash, checked – no blood.  OK that’s good.  Slowly got myself up and did what –

Go inside??

Rest for a few??

Walk around and test the knee??

No, none of that.

Found the gloves (which had flown across the yard also) and limped around to the front to plant the trees.

Which I did.  Of course it was quickly apparent that there was no putting any pressure or even bending the injured knee but I preserved. 

And planted the two trees.

Then, I came inside to check out the damage.

(Actually the knee was hurting pretty good by then)

And it was swollen up the size of a

Well, thought I, that’s not good.


my daughter saw me limping and questioned why


told me to sit and put ice on it.

Which I did for the rest of the day.


The End.

29 Jan 2021


  1. Are you going to go to Emergency and have it x-rayed or something? Might be wise!

    1. No-no. Nothing broken. Just badly bruised. Today is much better.

  2. You have to remember that you aren't a spring chicken anymore. There is a greater chance or broken bones or worse with us mighty super woman types who think a little pain won't stop us until one day that it does. Been there done that got the t-shirt and fake knees to prove it.

  3. Oh dear, I fell off my front step not long after we got back from England in 2019. I blamed it on jet lag. Still have the scars! Like you, I jumped up afterwards. Why do we do that? 😀 Watch out for heavy doors!

  4. Yikes! I'm glad you iced it. But I see that when it comes to yardwork you & Ellen are peas in a pod :)

  5. When I take a bad toss I look at my wrist as if I still wore a watch. Why it matters to know exactly what time I came a cropper, who knows.

    I'm glad you're doing better, but I wish you'd been deterred from the tree planting and headed for ice and rest earlier. Who am I to talk? It's what I would have done, never mind a little argument with a door.

  6. That was a bad ugly accident. Some more rest and ice probably are advised.

  7. You silly billy! Glad Daughter took care of you.