Wednesday, May 13, 2020

More Days and Days

I have found that I am still not comfortable going out these days.  I think I need to see what the COVID numbers look like in June before I’m ready to be an integral part of the world again.  That’s alright.

My yoga instructor reinstated classes.  Shouldn’t be a problem as the classes are held in a large metal building with three sides open to the outside.  And, usually there are only 6-12 attendees per class.  Plenty of room for social distancing.  No, not yet.  Maybe in June.

Then, my hair stylist called.  She was opening; did I want to come in for a haircut.  She has all sorts of precautions in place.  I really would like to get my hair cut/styled so I don’t look like a harridan any longer.  But, I think I’m just not ready.  June – June is the magic month (I hope). 

Our mayor has strongly encouraged Wharton residents to wear a mask when in public.  I didn’t wear a mask in the early days opting to observe the social distancing.  The problem is – too many people don’t seem to understand what social distancing means.  So, now I wear a mask when out in public. 

And that’s about all my virus news.

I finally got my car back last Friday!  A whole 5 days gone.  And, so far, I think they fixed the problem.  Saturday I went to the grocery store.  Perhaps not an exciting adventure for others but you have to take your excitement as it comes along these days.  No problem!  However, I have to admit, I still walk out every couple hours and start the car – just to make sure it will start.  Yep, still starting. 

Outside it’s starting to get very, very warm.  I’d say hot but I know better.  Hot is still to come.  One of the things I got at the store was 3 large bags of potting soil.  I will be moving in the foreseeable future and there are plants I want to take with me.  So, I must either dig them up now or wait until November when it cools down.  Yesterday I dug up several amaryllis bulbs, some narcissus bulbs, and some of the Parrot Lily.  Also – three different ferns and the hidden ginger.

 Parrot Lily

AND  . . .  I repotted four plumerias, the soapwort, and a couple other things.  This involves pick up (or dig up) the existing plant, carry it to my work station, sit down, pot up plant, stand up, pick up now heavier container, carry it to a place in the yard.  This counts as exercise – right?  Good god I hope so.

My Lipstick Bromeliad is blooming.  The beauty of the plant is actually not in the bloom, but the plant itself. 

I happened to look out my window to see this little guy trundling around the yard.  Ugh – now I know what’s digging holes under the fence and in the yard.  I just shooed it away and watched as it trotted off down the neighborhood.  If armadillos just didn’t dig everything up, I’d be happy for it to hang around as they eat grubs, insects, ants, and termites.

I had to get gas today.  I’m not even sure when I last had to fill up the tank so I was surprised by the price per gallon.

I’m not even sure when I last pad $1.50 per gallon for gasoline.  Maybe in 2008 or 09??

And, who knew??, today is Frog Jumping Day.

The day has to do with Mark Twain's first short story about a pet frog named Dan'l Webster from 1865: “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog”.

So, get up and jump like a frog!

13 May 2020


  1. Ho! Ho! I think you got plenty of exercise re-potting your beautiful plants. Does this give you a pass on jumping like a frog?

    I think you are being very smart about the virus. Many places that have 'opened' up are experiencing a jump in cases. I'll be observing shelter in place until the numbers really go down -- which, I'm afraid (if you look at it globally) is not going to happen until we get a vaccine.

    I've used a quarter tank of gas over the last 9 weeks! Unreal! Just when prices are so low!

    Stay well.

  2. Yesterday was a blessing with all that rain but it just made today hot and muggy. Ugh! I went out and brought my Japanese hydrangea up on to the front patio and out of the hot sun. I just got it back to looking like it might live after a difficult winter. My lemon trees are going hog wild. I really need to prune them. More rain is predicted. I wonder when.

  3. I've had the same tank of gas for the last month. Every time I see the price is lower, I think I should get gas. Then I think, I probably could fit five gallons in my tank. I couldn't save enough to warrant starting the car again.
    Good job planning ahead on what you want to move. You'll wish you took more.

  4. I'm waiting until June too before I venture out of my hidey-hole except for groceries. Discretion is the better part of valour, as they say. Glad they fixed your car! I didn't realize armadillos were such pests. I've never seen one in real life.

  5. My dad & his wife have now started gallivanting all over the place. They still wear masks & gloves when they're out at stores, but they've started visiting her various children & eating meals in their home. The other day they stopped in Asheville & picked up two of her sisters (from different homes), drove to her son's home in Knoxville, had a meal, and then came home. I don't know where all of those other people have been, so I have no idea if these two 70 something folks are now infected. And I've been keeping my distance from them so *I* wouldn't infect THEM (since I'm still working)! Ugh. I think I'll scroll back up & look at your flowers. Much more soothing!

  6. Froggy jumping looks hard! All that gardening definitely sounds like exercise!
    We're still under lockdown in Wales so no venturing anywhere much. And if I do Daughter shouts at me.

  7. I think many will wait that bit longer …
    Here in England, since last Wednesday, we are allowed to venture further, so we did have a short car ride and then a walk … not all of the car parks are open but we found one that was. Still taking care about social distancing though and I'm pleased to say that others we saw (from a distance) were too.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  8. We quit the gym membership. I just can't do it. If there's a vaccine, then maybe we'll go back. It was a good way to kill a couple of hours, which I could use at the moment. It's to hot to walk in the afternoon here.