Saturday, March 21, 2020


Spring has Sprung!

Flowers are blooming!

Fruit is ripening in the trees!

Annnd, last night it got cold

Okay, maybe not that cold but the
temperatures went down into the low 50’s.

While this may sound mild to anyone north of Dallas

That blue splot is about where Wharton is located.
Dallas is nearly 300 miles away. 
In the cold places.

to us here,
it got cold. 
Shorts were put away,
long sleeved shirts and pants came back out.

However, no worries
Monday, it’s going to be back in the 80’s

Oh joy of joys
 And by Wednesday we’re going to hit 90 degrees.

Summer will be knocking on the door.

In March.

21 Mar 2020


  1. I will be glad when the weather gets warmer, I'm not much for the cold.

  2. We're back in a chill here, but it's not that bad.

  3. Yes, we'll spring back to the forties by Monday.

  4. Yes summer is officially here starting tomorrow in Texas. Just makes you think. how hot could it really get when summer is finally here. Do I hear 2000 degrees?

  5. Yay for flowers & fruit! We were in the 80s yesterday & today we’re back to the 50s. Looks like the rest of the week will be cool(ish) until Friday.

  6. I do hope where I live, that the weather will start to warm up more than what is, because as of now, it's quite cold.

  7. Is that a peach?! Wow! It's been lovely here this last few days and is forecast to continue. We'll see ...

  8. here in Colorado we had snow on the spring equinox! It's mostly melted away, but we are still awaiting the flowers and the buds on the trees. I long to sit in the warm sun. Someday soon.