Tuesday, March 10, 2020


You know, it is always more enjoyable to
exercise, (in my case walk a couple miles)
with a friend.

So, the other day, we were out walking
(my neighborhood this time)
looking at plants, houses, tree,
and other interesting things.

And, after walking nearly the 2 miles,
Oh look, he sez, holes in the ground.
Lets go see.

You know I don’t do well in holes.
I am just a bit (a huge lot) claustrophobic.

Come on

Okay but you go first to scare off any
bats and
rats and
el e fants
(because I’m a big baby and if I
see any of those, I’ll run
screaming out!)

Okay, okay.
not a scrunch up and walk bent over hole
not a long tunnel
there was dirt and cement and people on top of me!

Still I was brave
(following along behind the big tall person)

And, there was a
light at the end of the tunnel.

And, grass and
wildflowers on the other side.

Then we walked back to my house.

10 Mar 2020


  1. Is it just me ur are men too inquisitive for their own good. David would have done the same thing. I know he would have.

  2. That sounds like a guy thing to me. You were sweet to go along.

  3. I could have done that tunnel okay but don't ask me to travel through the Eurotunnel under the English channel. All that water on top of me? No chance if there's a leak.

  4. Vivid horrible memories of driving through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. I wouldn't mind a culvert so much, because no water. Right then, anyway.