Saturday, November 30, 2019

Week in Review

Since today is the last day of November (and how exactly is that even possible??), I’m going to try to close out the month with this past week. 

First of all, I had planned every day to sit down at the computer to start writing.  And, every day, by the time I sat down, my brain said NO, NO MORE THINKING, DOING, TIME FOR JUST SITTING.  Nothing, obviously, got written.

So, this has been a full week.  Monday was the day of catch-up, errands, housework, laundry – you know – all the fun stuff.  The day ended with yoga and then I was pretty much useless for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was, weather-wise, a terrible day.  Very warm (hot), very humid (sticky), and very windy (25mph) – all day long.  Tuesday night, however did settle down to just hot and humid.  A good thing as it was the annual Christmas parade downtown.  This year, my sister and I decided to go and see.  As it turned out, we had almost an hour wait for the actual parade.  But we watched the first “floats” , of which there were dozens, trundle by . . .

The Geygaw Vendors
Everything on their trolleys lit up, flashed, blinked, or twinkled.

Then, at 7pm, the courthouse square lights came on – nice!

The Color Guard marched by . . .

Then, some very nice floats.  Some were done by local small businesses, some by local politicians, some by scout troops, high school groups, fire engines (thank god there wasn’t a fire anywhere close) and a few by big name businesses.

There was royalty, of course . . .

And, the ho-ho-ho guy at the end . . .

Not a bad parade.

Wednesday I cooked – made my contributions for Thursday and Friday (I celebrated Thanksgiving twice). 

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I celebrated with my sister’s family.  We went into Houston to my niece’s house for an afternoon of good food and lots of laughter.  And, although I did take my phone, I did not manage to take a single picture. 

On Friday, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my grandson, youngest daughter, and her new husband.  We did our usual Thanksgiving Day activity, we went to the beach.  When I was very small, we had Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house.  However when it became time to “pass the torch”, my mother refused to fix a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Her attitude was – she’d have to do it again in a month, and refused to do it twice.  We went to the beach instead.  And, that carried over to my children. 

It was a beautiful day.  Not too windy, not too cold, not too hot – nice.

One of the things I like about the beach and ocean, you never know what you’ll find or see.  I have to say, I’ve never seen a guy out walking his macaw.

There were some shells and I managed to bring home a pocketful.

Lots of solitude and quiet

The bluebells are blooming

Along with a variety of other beach flowers

Then we drove back to big W and had a wonderful lunch of fresh caught shark steaks.

30 Nov 2011


  1. A parade, delicious meals, and a day at the beach -- sounds like a good week to me!

  2. I'm glad you had a lovely week even though you weren't writing, he he he

  3. That's a lot of parade for a small town. Very nice one, too.

  4. as if mother ever actually cooked christmas dinner.

  5. Looks like a fun parade. You had a great week. I did the cooking so we had on Thursday and leftover on Friday. The rest will go into turkey soup.

  6. That all looks fabulous, but I have to say that you & Ellen suck at blogging with your lack of T-Giving pictures. Heh.