Friday, November 1, 2019

All Hallows

Well, last night was something of a bust when it came to trick’r’treaters.  Fewer and fewer kiddos every year.  And, none this year.  So, I pulled out my Halloween Book to look at years gone past.

For many long years, every mid-October we set up the Pumpkin Man.  
He had no head until Halloween night.

Ghosties and Ghoulies
Daughters #1 and #2

Yep, that’s me standing with my friend, Mr. Pumpkin

My youngest daughter, the year she was The Rat Catcher.  
She greeted all the small trick ‘r’ treaters that year.

My nephew

My niece

Granddaughter #1

Granddaughter #2

Grandson #1 
(and WOW! we had TWO super men in our family!)

Granddaughter #3

And, by far, the most inventive costumes ---

Grandson #2 and Granddaughter #4
(wearing black sweats with glow sticks attached.)

Well, hope your Halloween night was filled with wonder, fun, and just a few scary beasties.

1 Nov 2019


  1. I love those glowstick costumes! Although around here kids are finished trick or treating before dark these days (I guess it was different before they pushed back the time change - or am I misremembering?). We didn't have anyone come to our door either. Just as well - we had eaten all the chocolate & the only stuff left was skittles & starbursts. :)

  2. Some great costumes there, especially the Rat Catcher!

  3. Your little fairy in blue wins all my candy, hands down.

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