Thursday, June 13, 2019

“Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits…”

I’ve been off the radar for the past several days.  Lots of little stuff going on. 

The other day, I walked into my bedroom to put something in the dresser . . .

I opened the third (3rd) drawer and . . . .


I have given up trying to keep them out of the trash basket beside my chair and I had to move the one in the bathroom. 

And, it’s summer, the cherries are for sale at the store!  Yea!  I usually keep a small bowl of them on the table beside my chair.  No more.  Today I found two in the kitty toy box.  About that time, I watched as Daryl walked over to the bowl, grabbed a cherry by the stem and walk over to the toy box.  Plop!

I ordered some seeds online last fall.  They’re for a specific type of hibiscus – Rosa hibiscus.  That’s the type hibiscus that is generally used for tea making.  Along with those seeds, the company sent along a free package of Cosmic Carrots.  They are purple on the outside and orange and yellow on the inside.  Pretty.  Since I am not a farmer, I gave them to my friend Bobby to plant in his garden.  Last time I was at his house, he dug up this one –

 Kinda puts a whole other spin on cosmic.

This past Sunday, my daughter and son-in-law arrived at my house.  They were going to drop off their two miniature Dachshunds.  Then they planned to drive to Galveston and spend a week soaking up sea air, water, and sand. 

Iris and Rose were to stay with me.  The only way I know how to tell who is which – the color of their collars.

They are good little girls but this has been their first trip away from mom and dad and home.  We’ve had a few abandonment issues.  I walk into the kitchen; they walk right behind me.  I walk into the bathroom – yep, right behind me.  I try to put them outside; they stand right at the door UNLESS I go outside with them.  They get along well with the kittens (who are not afraid of anything so far).  At night the girls sleep in a large kennel where they burrow under various blankets.  Last night I had to fish Zack out

I haven’t really gotten out to do any yard work.  Why?  Well – it’s HOT.  And humid.  And hot.  And, I’m tired of summer now.  Yes, I know, it hasn’t even started yet.  Plus, the mosquitoes are still terrible.  (Yeah, yeah - whine, whine, whine.)  Tomorrow though, I have to get out and pot up a few things my daughter wants to take home.  I plan on getting out there by 7am, after dipping myself in mosquito spray, and get everything ready to go. 

Even though I’ve been very neglectful, my herbs are looking good (I’m starting to pick and dry them now) and there are a few flowers blooming -

The Texas Star Hibiscus

The Plumerias are blooming.

As well as

Pink Turk’s Cap (which probably doesn’t count as
it is about ½ weed)

Day Lilies

Cane Begonia

Now, while I was taking a picture of the Angel Wing Begonia, I heard an odd noise.  Sort of a “burrrrrrrrk”.  I looked over and saw

A small herd of about 6 chickens scratching around in one of the beds.  Oh goodie.  They had come over from the house down the street for a late breakfast.

13 Jun 2019


  1. My goodness there is so much going on with all the animals. Kittens,docksies, and chickens. What's next? I love your flowers. The hibiscus and plumerias remind me of my grandmother's house in Hawaii back in the 60's.

  2. Next? Deep breaths and a calm mind (hahahahahahahaha)