Monday, June 3, 2019


I have lost my mind.  This, I think, is my new mantra . . . . .  
I have lost my mind – ohmmmmmmm – I have lost . . . .

Kittens.  Two Kittens.

It was the cute little gray fuzzy baby-ness that snookered me in. 

Of course, I got them and a week later left for Albuquerque for two weeks.  The boys stayed with my sister.  This means, of course, that I get to blame her for their spoiled bratty, bad behavior. 

God knows, I don’t spoil them at all.  In the two weeks I was gone, they went from cute little balls of fluff to bad-ass boys!  Their mantra is
What can we get into NOW? (jump, pounce, climb, claw)

I have lost my mind – ohmmmmmmm

It’s like having 18-month olds.  You forget.  There is so much I had forgotten about having two cute baby kitties.  Primarily, they are TROUBLEMAKERS!

Obviously, the kitchen is just too far away

Oooooo – lots of little things!

Killing the broom and when it fell down, they
just attacked the handle.

So, what did I forget.  They get into EVERYTHING! 

Flying leaps for my lap.  OK, we got this – claws extended, JUMP! dig into a soft thigh, and . .

Book shelves?  Oh yes, I have those.  Let’s see how many books we can knock off the shelf – and – lets get some of that other stuff too (like teapots, small dragons, boxes, figurines, you know anything that can be knocked onto the floor).

Walk into the kitchen?  Must be time to eat. Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.  (now, Zack has figured out how to get on the kitchen counter – zips around the bar, climbs on the rocker, mad leap for the counter – What are you getting .. is it for me/us?  I put him down – zips around the bar, climbs on the rocker . . . .)

Open a cabinet, closet, refrigerator, oven door?  There’s stuff we need in there!  Ohhh yeah – stuff we can get into.

Bedtime for me?  Wahoo – time to climb on the bed and wrestle and chase the covers and bite anything that moves!

Kitty toys – well yes, I bought a few (like, maybe 8 so far).  Cool! Whack! Under the sofa.  We have nothing to play with.  We need to attack the tower fan/table lamp/blinds on the windows/everything on your sewing table (I may never finish my current cross stitch piece).

Climb on stuff? Oh, my dear god, YES.  Hey, this is something I can fix.  So, I ordered a cat tree.  Nothing too tall (good god knows I do not want them on the top of the bookcase).  Arrived in a medium size box.  Opened to find a bunch of pieces.  Ok – how hard can this be.

Wasn’t hard at all.

Cute right?

Do they climb on it?

Oh, hell no – why climb on the tree when they have furniture!

This is what has saved them

I have lost my mind – ohmmmmmmmm

3 Jun 2019


  1. yep, I handed them over just in time.

  2. BWAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh Ellen, you are so bad! Poor Pam. Yes, darlin, you have indeed lost your mind. Cats like boxes and bags and anything that looks like they can hid inside of and grab toes as they walk by. So watch out for that too.

    1. Yes one of their 'toys' is a cardboard box. Another is a plastic bag tied into many knots. It crinkles and slides all over the floor. I have lost my mind - ohmmmmm.

  3. Put cat nip all over that little tree. Just like children, constant vigilance. I started my blog when I rescued my kitten from a parking lot. One of my first posts included a video of him climbing my chest of drawers. We were laughing almost too much to hold the phone.

    1. I moved the 'tree' to the center of the living room and they've started to climb on it a bit. Like all small children, they want to be with all the other people!