Tuesday, May 29, 2018

All for the love of fishing .....

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away .......

…… two men were exploring and came upon

a small lake or large pond
but surely,
a perfect “fishin’ hole”!

This marvelous bit of water was, as it turned out, located on terra firma owned by a powerful landholder, Mr. ABC.  And, just to make things interesting, due the weirdness of the rules of this land, the water itself was owned by an aquatic holder, Mr. 123

Yes, I know – odd that the land and the hole in the land owned by one individual while the water itself was owned by someone else.  But, things are what they are so we will proceed ….

Now, these two men wanted to fish.  This private body of water seemed to be teeming with fish.  There were no other people around.  WOWZA!  Off they went to get the fishing boat.  (Did you ask if the two owners - land and water - even allowed fishing on the private land and in the private water??  No, they did not allow fishing.)

Now, I’m going to have to speculate a bit here –
I assume the boat wasn’t as big as this

but probably bigger than this

The two were faced with an immediate problem.  No boat ramp!  How to get the boat from trailer to water.  Hmmmmmmm.  HA!  Build a boat ramp, of course.  Build a boat ramp on a lake/pond located on private land filled with private water.  Okay.

So again, off they went to get items necessary for building a boat ramp, items like a truck load of gravel and a really big trackhoe (which was borrowed or possibly rented).

They drove the trackhoe down into the lake/pond and ……. it got stuck in the soft mud.  And then, it started to sink.  This is bad.  They tried pulling the trackhoe out of the lake with their truck to no avail.  And to their credit, these two did try to get it out with other smaller equipment.  No luck.  It sunk up to the cab.

And, just to make things more interesting, the aquatic holder, Mr. 123, showed up to remind (repeat, retell, prompt, recap, run by again, hark back, tell again, jog the memory), the two that there is no fishing on the private land in the private water.

Oooh, woe is they. 

Now, there are two options
     1.  Buy the trackhoe (to the tune of $60k to $100k) and leave it in the lake as a “water sculpture”.  Then move to another galaxy.

     2,  Hire someone to try to haul the trackhoe out.

As of this writing, the two errant fishermen are bringing in a D9 Cat (which is a really big bulldozer), maybe two of them, and possibly a diver (to attach cables to the trackhoe). 

And with luck, the stars all aligned correctly, fingers crossed and positive thoughts, they will succeed in getting the trackhoe out.  Of course, I wonder what will happen if they get the bulldozer stuck as well.  Possibly those two fishermen will have to give up fishing and leave the galaxy asap.

Take care,

Ladies and gentlemen, this story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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