Monday, November 27, 2017

A Day at the Beach

A couple of years ago, my youngest daughter, who lives in Katy, decided we should revive my mother’s thought about going to the beach for Thanksgiving.  So, we’ve picked one day during the long week-end and gone down to Matagorda.

I am almost reluctant to say this out loud (because I’d hate for Matagorda to turn into Galveston), but Matagorda is a hidden jewel.  Mostly it’s known for the fishing.  However,
1.       the beaches are lovely and not crowded even during the summer;
2.      there is a large covered pavilion with picnic tables and smaller, individual covered areas with tables;
3.     bathrooms and an outdoor shower;
4.     a designated birding area;
5.   a long, tall fishing pier with amazing views (and, I assume, good fishing);
6.      beaches covered with shells, driftwood, and other interesting things;
7.    camping, if that is interesting (camping as in a tent on the beach, on purpose);
7.     if you are so inclined, you can drive your car on the beach there; and,
8.      there is a lighthouse (something I think I just might need). 

All those things plus it’s only 40-odd miles away. 

We went on Black Friday, which was a much nicer option than going to any store where the teeming crowds were running down isles.

A beautiful, sunny day.


Shark-tooth hunting

I think I need this for my front yard.

This too - for the front yard.
Take care.

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