Sunday, September 17, 2017


OK – I’ve been bad.  I know I said I’d try writing daily or at least regularly and haven’t but there have been extenuating circumstances …….. THE GREAT FLOOD OF 2017!.

So, I did have some flooding, not from Hurricane Harvey, but from the Colorado River.  For a time or two I thought the water would rise up and come into the house BUT, it did not.  I did have about 2ft of water in the garage, the back shed, front yard and back yard, which was plenty, thank you very much.  And, I did have help with the clean up in the garage and shed.  Yards took longer and I still haven’t cleaned up the far side yard because it got to be summer again.  I refuse to work outside when it’s 90+ degrees. 

I have one loud complaint, whine, statement to make concerning the flooding around my house.  My neighborhood it high – it just doesn’t flood – as in water-threatening-to-come into-my-house-which-is-3ft-above-mean-flood-level.  In the past few years, when the Colorado has threatened to go over its banks, the street will flood.  The empty lot across the street will flood.  My yard does not flood.  And, the reason the street, etc will flood is, as we were told by a city worker, that the city closes the sewer lines that carries rain water to the river in an effort to not add fuel to the fire, so to say.  OK.  This time, however, the sewers were not closed.  The river backed up.  Water gushed out of the sewer grates and geysered a foot into the air from the manholes.  It was very annoying, alarming, unsetting to watch and devastating to some homes – my neighbor next door had about 4ft of water inside the house. 

Explanations would be nice to have like, We Let You Flood So………

1.    There might be less flooding down river     or
2.    Nobody thought about closing the lines      or
3.    Close the sewer lines, are you kidding, we can’t do that   or
4.    Oopsie – sorry     or, or, or.

Of course, I don’t expect any response – I live in Wharton, you know.

And, one other thing.  While I am grateful the National Guard came out to help with the rescue efforts, if, gods forbid, we ever have anything similar, I hope somebody will tell the children driving the mega huge trucks to NOT drive 40 mph through 4ft of water.  Because ….. it sends a tidal wave that causes havoc and destruction.  Plus, it makes the homeowner (me) say many really bad words.

OK – Next time I’m gonna talk about yard work!

Take care.

ps  I’ve put up a few pictures – not too many because to be honest, when the water was coming up, up, up, the last thing I thought about was the camera.

The water starting it's creep up the front steps.  It was like this for most of a day and then in an hour rose to the 3rd step.

Only about 6 inches in the garage here.  Then, same as above, rose to 2 feet in less than an hour.

 Water front property - ultimately it got as high as the bench.

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