Monday, December 17, 2018

Summer Lands

Tonight I came home to a dark empty house.  No little “tippy-tippy-tip” of puppy dog feet coming to greet me.

Today, Morgan went to the Summer Lands.  I know she has already found her brother Merlin and kitty cousins Pye and Nova, her friend Coco and her ‘Dad’. 

When we got her, Michael was insistent that she not have a “sissy” name.  So, after some thought, she told us her name was Morgainne Le Fey, Morgan of the Fairies, (if you believe such things - a powerful woman instrumental in the fall of Camelot).  Our Morgan was certainly the alpha of all the four-legged family members, the chaser of squirrels and feral cats.  I’ll miss her.


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