Tuesday, December 11, 2018

embryonic plant enclosed in a protective outer covering

December is Buckwheat Month, National Pear Month, National Tie Month, National Write A Business Plan Month and several other “Month” things. 

It ought to be National (possibly World) Catalog Month. 

Honestly I get catalogs for all kinds of food - fruit, cookies, candy, popcorn, nuts and then others for gift plants, clothes, jewelry, what knots, gegaws, and more stuff than you’d think existed.  It is also the month the SEED CATALOGS start arriving.

I throw most of them straight into the trash.  However, the seed catalogs will sit in a little pile on my desk for a while before they also go out.  Why?  Well, I always think – I should look at all the vegetables, fruits, flowers and such.  I might want to chose one or two to plant.  HA!  One or two packages.  Pffffft.  More like 10 or 20 packages will go on my “I neeeeeeed this” list.

I like to grow things from seed – just to see if I can - and, I’m more rather than less successful at it.  Of course, that means I have a bunch of seedlings that grow into plants that have to be (1) potted and tended (including during the winter) or (2) planted in the ground and tended.

 These are magnolia, catalpa, peach, and walnut tree seeds currently “wintering over” in my fridge.  Heaven only know what I’ll do it even half of them sprout into trees.

So, Saturday I found, in the mail box, a new seed (and I hesitate to call it a catalog – book is more like it) book from a company I haven’t seen before.  It sat on my desk Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday, and Sunday night I gave into temptation and looked through it.

and OHMIGOD!  Fruit and vegetable seeds for very unusual, odd, wonderful looking and sounding things mostly I’ve never heard of before.  The “NEEEEEEED” started to kick in.  Hmmmm, I could dig up the grass from the back fence to my back door, extending the already big flower bed to encompass two more beds, maybe three if I went over as far as the ginger …….  Hold it!  I am not going to dig out more grass.  I am not going to increase the size of an already big flower bed.  GET A GRIP PAMELA!

OK, I’m better now.  Instead of buying exotic seeds, I’ll share some of those that caught my attention, like . . . . . .

Oaxacan Green Corn

Reisetomate Tomato

Brad’s Atomic Tomato
Ohhhhh – wow!

I gave serious thought to actually getting the tomato seeds
But the reviews are so-so with few positive recommendations.
Maybe not.

Romanesco Italia Broccoli
Really? Broccoli

Hmong Cucumber
Hmmm – each cuke would need a hammock

Galeux D’Eysines Squash
CUTE!  Those little “warts” indicate sweetness

Bitter Melon

Fort Portal Jade Beans

OK – I’ll quit now before the whole “NEEEEED” thing starts up again.

Take care

 How ‘bout this little guy – 
Mongolian Giant Sunflower!

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