Monday, September 5, 2022

Today and Yesterdays


Today I swallowed a bug.

I know, sounds like something from Shel Silverstein or Simms Taback.

I’ve spent the past several weeks doing a coupla three hours out in the yard on days with no rain.  My goal has been to:

Weed places I’ve completely ignored for the past 3 months.
Start putting into the ground, plants I do not intend to winter-over.
Move a few things from one place to another.

And while the temperatures haven’t been abysmal, I have gotten outside by 730am and back in by 10am, hot, sweaty, and very tired.  We’re lucky (sort of) here as we have a very long growing season (like from February to November).  The good thing about it is that I can plant things in the fall and not worry they’ll freeze in six weeks.  Of course, the bad thing is that we have six months of very hot summer.  

Today I decided to weed my herb garden. 

Because I tend to ignore my #1 piece of advice to gardeners (know how big your plant will be when fully grown and plan accordingly), I tend to think

Yes, I’ve planted 9 herbs, all of which will be 2-3 ft tall and wide when fully grown.  But, but, but – lookie there – an empty space or two and I can squeeze one (three) more plants in there and there and there.

This past spring, I thought that same thing and planted sunflower seeds.  All of which came up.  All of which were big and T A L L.  All of which, while beautiful in April, May, and June, died in the mid-July heat and drought leaving some very big stalks I couldn’t pull up.  Today, after spending some time working on one of the stalks (push, pull, push, pull – getting looser!) took a deep breath in preparation to pull up that stalk and …… I swallowed a bug.


Last time I wrote, (yes, I know, a while back), I mentioned the August Earth Lab – Ikebana, The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging.  It was a huge success.  We had a large group of people and everyone worked on a flower arrangement and seemed to have a very enjoyable time.  Yay!

Coming up sooner that I thought is the next Earth Lab.  The working title has been


A little wordy but I’m working on that.  Oh – yes, it’s my program.  I plan to talk about how best to preserve, use, and protect the herbs grown.  With the holidays coming up, suggest some unique homemade gift ideas.  Plus, make some suggestions as to herbs that can be planted now and have a good chance of surviving whatever winter we have provided it doesn’t look like this.

Originally my program was supposed to take place in October but we had to do a switch.  And, then I promptly didn’t think about it until last week. 

Working under pressure –
the right way to get things done! 

For the most part, it’s done.  Just a few more tweaks.

I hope you noticed in the third sentence above “days with no rain”.  Yes!  After months and months of 100+° temperatures and serious drought conditions, we started getting some rain. 

I don’t like to boast but I may have helped by dancing around the house with my rain stick.

Or, possibly whoever controls the rain taps finally got the plumber out to fix the problem. 

Or the universe finally took pity on us here and allowed the rain to come back. 

Whatever it was – THANK YOU!

Guess I’ve probably bored you long enough.

5 Sep 2022


  1. I'm glad your Ikebana earth lab was a big success! I'm sure your upcoming Herbs one will be too!

  2. Oh the funny stuff that you do. I need to either cut my one remaining lemon tree in a big pot down a bit or leave it out to fend for itself. I need to repot the new lemon tree David bought me for our anniversary. Poor thing is a bit over grown in that pot. I also need to find a place the the house with southern exposure for the winter plants. It's going to get really hot and dry for this coming week. Ugh.

  3. Your workshops sound like a lot of fun. Too bad I'm far away. About the bug: it's protein! Think of it like tiny chicken.

  4. OH MY GOSH! We watched some sort of apocalyptic film in middle school what was supposed to talk about the future, but only scared us to death. The soundtrack was that very song.

    I would be interested in your herb ideas, but not until next year since I haven't planted any. Ha!

  5. I laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaughed at that last meme...I got it right away.

  6. Pleased you started getting some rain.

    We've had a few rainy days recently and after the very hot summer they are very welcome.

    All the best Jan

  7. Can you send us some of your rain?
    I always have to laugh when I read your posts, I do like that you don't take everything so super seriously. Interesting talk about the herbs - I don't have that many and the basil is usually spent when winter comes around since we use it a lot. Great that the Ikebana class went so well.

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