Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October Ends

This month has totally gotten away from me.  What with cooler temps and yard work to falling pecans to I-don’t-know-what-else, by the time I’ve reached a point of sitting at my computer, I’m too tired to think. 

Today is National Cat Day.  The Demon Duo must know because they’ve been just a little more trying (annoying, tiresome, irritating, wearisome) than usual.  According to the National Cat Day website, the best way you can celebrate is to save a life!  So, ADOPT, don't shop.  Estimates reveal that there are approximately 4 million cats entering shelters every year with 1-2 million being euthanized.  They go further to say cats help lower blood pressure of their human roommates, offer love and companionship, tons of laughs and can alert owners to danger (the duo does that by peeling off down the hallway if someone they don’t know comes into the house).  Sadly, however, there are many humans out there that live under a veil of lies; lies that say humans are superior.  (hahahahahahahahahaha – snort, giggle -  haha).

 Daryl and Zack then

And, today

A friend sent me this recently – so just in case you don’t know the ownership rules, here they are –

Sooooo – check, check, check, check and yes, up at 530am to fix breakfast!

This past Saturday was a special day.  My youngest daughter got married.  They decided on a simple ceremony on the beach in Galveston.  And, while the day was sunny and bright, it was very chilly with a 20mph wind blowing out of the north.  Still, my daughter looked beautiful, the beach was pretty, and there were no miscellaneous gawkers or screaming kiddos around. 

In our “fall days”, we are currently in a warm stage (chilly, cool, warm, warm, very warm, chilly, repeat).  I think there is another cold front coming in tomorrow or Thursday.  That’s fine – I’m tired of summer now.  And, this weekend, we go off Daylight Savings Time.  That’s good too.  I’m a morning person.  I hate it when I’m up a couple hours before the sun.

Yesterday I wrote three letters – well, I typed up three letters – I don’t actually write, like with a pen and paper, too much anymore.  Still, I wrote three letters and emailed them off.  And, then I looked over toward the front windows to see three people in MY front yard, picking up MY pecans as fast as they could.  Aaarrrgggh!!!  What’s wrong with people??  I did open the front door.  Can I HELP you??  Oh, they were just picking up pecans (duh).  Did they realize they were on private property?  Oh, do you want us to put them back?  They did drop a couple hands full back to the ground out of a BULGING bag.  Then they walked on down the street. 

Good thing I have two kitties, I think my blood pressure was fallout out of my ears.

29 Oct 2019


  1. Hard to believe that October is just about gone. Time to plan for Thanksgiving. I'm a morning person as well and I do not like getting up in the dark. Seems it's still night time.

  2. How rude for them to go into your yard and pick up your pecans. Keep a scale handy and tell them you will weigh the pecans and they can pay you.This might shame them but I doubt it. People! Your cat rules, that is certainly the case!

  3. Not being a morning person (AT ALL), I dislike losing that hour of light in the evening. However, I've noticed that since I get home at sixish it's already too dim to do much outside anyway this time of year (if I were the type of person to do something outside), so I guess it doesn't really matter until after the winter solstice when I'll start getting impatient again.

    I can't believe the folks who thought they could just STEAL your pecans! What the heck!

  4. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. Beach weddings are so nice. I love them. The Deamons of Hades have grown so much. Have the toned down the craziness? When I had my crazy cat fixed, he just laid around and did nothing. Lazy ol cat.
    I have the same problem every year with pecan pickers. Last year an old junky looking car parked in front of the house and 6 men got out and started to pick up the pecans as fast as they could. When I opened the front door to confront them they ran for the car and sped out of sight. I was just going to say to ask first next time. I also had some plastic bags for them. More's the pity.

    1. Nope - the Demon Duo are still just that - - - demons. That whole "I can help myself to anything in your yard without asking" just doesn't make sense to me. I wouldn't go and dig up a plant from their yard!

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