Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day One - Something new!

Hello – It’s me – Pam

Hmmmmm, starting this is harder that than I thought.

So, you ask, who is this person?  Somebody’s child, sister, wife, mother grandmother – yes, all those things, at one time or another.  But right now, this minute, I’m just me.

And, right now, like most of us on the Texas gulf coast, I am watching the Weather Channel because there is a storm out there that’s just become a full-fledged hurricane and threatening to get bigger and stronger and charge into the Corpus Christi to Galveston areas.  Oh goodie. 

It’s been very hot and humid with almost no rain for most of the spring and all summer.  Many of us have been wishing and praying to whomever it is that controls the thermostat and rainfall.  Ppuullllleeeaaassseeeeeee – some rain… some cool breezes!  You know the old axiom – “Be careful what you wish for”.  Well, I’m thinking somebody was not specific in their conversations because 12-15 inches of rain and 100+ mph wind is really a lot. 

Now, as Hurricane Harvey roars toward us, like most, I’ve done what prep I can do.  I’m about 40 miles north of the coast so we could certainly get some wind and rain.  Therefore, I’ve moved most of my yard art, potted plants and windchimes.  Next on the “get prepared list” is to go outside and have a stern conversation with my pecan trees and remind them of the rules. 
1.     1.  No dropping branches on the house
2.     2.   No dropping branches on the electric lines
3.      3.  No dropping branches on the fence.
    Take care, 



  1. Congrats! Good luck with Harvey ... and the pecan trees!!

  2. A guy at the coffee shop this morning said he was going to sleep with his chainsaw tonight, so if the house falls in, he can cut his way out.