Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Busy Days, Long Days

Egad, it’s January 2019, ALREADY!, and I haven’t written a single word in . . . .  well, a bunch of days. 

I spent Christmas in Albuquerque with my family there.  It was a very nice time.  I got to spend time with my two granddaughters and daughter.  We didn’t do anything exotic – just all the normal, nice, comforting homey things. 

The weather was really nice – a little cool during the day; chilly at night.  I did get out and buy a new pair of shoes – tennis (uh – athletic) shoes.  Generally, I hate to shoe shop (and that could be a post all by itself one day).  But my daughter has a specific place she buys her running shoes and we go there once a year so they can fit me with a pair of WALKING (running – no – unless someone is chasing me with a big knife) shoes that actually do fit, feel good, last me for a year.  Yea!

This year, while there, I received a gift of a new-for-me car.  Now, for the past 10 years, I’ve driven a Buick 4-door sedan – one of older ones that while long, is low to the ground.  The new car – a Honda Pilot.  And, it’s really tall – like I can see forever tall.  Nice.  So, the plan was that I’d fly up to ABQ and drive home.  OK.  I asked my daughter if she could make the long drive home with me – you know – new car, winter driving, little old lady, yada, yada.  Yes she could. 

We left the day after Christmas.  The day it clouded up and started to drizzle.  The drive from Albuquerque to Wharton takes two days.  So, my daughter started the drive and, from ABQ to Sweetwater, TX we encountered –

Freezing Drizzle


Heavy Fog

A bundle of huge black clouds that overtook
 us with 60-mph winds and tumbleweeds –
lots of tumbleweeds

Dust Storms


Rain and Dust – yes, the dust will blow
with it rains. (West TX is just a very
strange place)

And when we got to Sweetwater, (the stop for the night), we were greeted with this . . .

More to come …….

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