Monday, January 14, 2019

Adventuring Up, Up and Away

A friend of mine texted me the other day – “Good day to fly.  Come on over”.  Okay. 

He had bought himself a new toy – a DJI Spark Drone. 

This is an “ultra-portable quadcopter that includes a camera gimbal, front and bottom sensors, dual GPS, FPV, an advanced App and an array of photographic and other options”.  It comes with a storage case, remote controller, battery, memory card and other stuff I’m sure. 

And, in addition to flying up, up, and away, it has facial recognition and responds to hand gestures.  How cool is that!  So, we walked over to a big open area and got ready to fly.  First of all – it’s smaller than I thought it would be – sat perfectly on my open hand.  It’s lightweight.  It’s rectangular shaped with four foldout propellers. 

Focusing on his face and, as it turned out, on my face also.  And, let me tell you, it was very freaky to see it fly up then turn its little camera eye on me.  We walked away from the hovering drone and he gestured for it to follow us which it did, just like a well-behaved dog.  Too weird.

Heading up, up …

Looking out toward Newgulf.  Those are the TexasGulf Sulphur Company smoke stacks in the distance.

Came back looking for us and, yep, there we are.

Toys!  You never get too old for toys!

14 Jan 2019

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