Monday, February 26, 2018

Adho Mukha Svanasana, Virasana, Halasana

My preferred method of exercise is Yoga.  I’ve practiced yoga for a long number of years, by following various yoga television programs, by purchasing tapes, and now, in class.  Honestly, I’m somewhere between “I-sorta-know-what-I’m-doing” and intermediate. 

Like most of the human world, I’ve been better or worse at regular exercise.  Procrastinating    “I’m too busy” … “I get plenty of exercise chasing after children, keeping house, taking care of the yard, etc., etc.” …. “Tomorrow, I’m just too tired now.”

However, since turning 50, I’ve been mostly to very good about dedicating 45minutes to an hour for exercise several days a week.  I like yoga because it is a mind/body workout – strengthening and stretching poses with breathing and meditation exercises.

I don’t think my current yoga teacher has ever defined her teaching form as anything specific but I think it’s a combination of Hatha (basic movements and breathing) and Power (high intensity that builds muscle) with a little Ashtanga (special breathing technique) thrown in.  My sister-in-law does Ivengar Yoga (uses props).  I went with her twice when I last visited Washington.  It’s very different than what I do but interesting.  And, while I’ve never done Bikram (hot yoga), I have had class outside in August (and folks that’s HOT!). 

The good thing about yoga is there are poses that target every part of your body you want to work on. 

Strengthen your core – try a one arm, side Plank. 

How about stronger arms? – Upward Dog ... Crow.

Legs?  Downward Dog ... Bridge ... Chair

Glutes, absolutely – Squats ... Warrior

Good for the back? Yes indeededy-do. Cat/Cow ... Triangle 

These exercises make me stretch my muscles and increase my range of motion.  Important, as I grow older.  According to some, yoga is not considered aerobic.  HA!  Obviously that person has never done Sun Salutations with my teacher! 

some poses are pretty easy
some - I'll never be able to do
in this life!
You don’t need any expensive equipment or a gym membership – just a yoga mat.  Don’t need a huge amount of space – enough for you and your mat.  Give it a try.

Take care

GI Yoga Joe in Crow pose.

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