Monday, April 1, 2019

Waiting on 50 degrees

Honestly, this morning I expected to hear my part of the universe saying –

because the thermometer looked like this –

It’s not supposed to say such things in April, here in the hot part of the universe.  It is supposed, on a good day, to say 55°.  On a not-so-good day, 65°.  Honest to god – would somebody take the controls away from the three-year old currently playing with the thermostat and rain hose!

My youngest daughter came out to visit.  She doesn’t live too far away but with busy schedules and work, I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.  While here, she took on one of the items on my current PROJECT LIST.  Painting the shed. 

Really, there’s not too much I wanted to paint – just the front right now (I have grandiose plans for the seeable side) but, when I paint, I need to dress like this –

because I get paint ALL OVER MYSELF!

She painted and ZIP-ZOP-ZIP it looks like this (and she only got a little paint on her hands and a small smudge on her cheek) –

My “on going” part of the painting section on the PROJECT LIST is to respray paint all the yard furniture.  I can do that without the above suit as long as I think about where the wind is and wear gloves.  Oh, and old clothes and old shoes.  No, I don’t paint anything the same color – how boring is that!  So my table looks like this

and other things, like this –

It’s all going to look bright and pretty by the end of April!

When I spray paint stuff, I drag whatever over to the designated “spray paint” part of the back yard, put down a small bit of cardboard, and go forth.  Yes, I do get paint on the grass (Michael would have apoplexy, were it still possible) but it’s GRASS.  And, when I’m finished – it’s brightly colored grass!

Of course, the big thing on the list is to finish the borders on the flower beds.  That’s why I’m waiting until the temps reach 50-ish. 

I mentioned in an earlier blog my tea cup bird feeder.  I’ve had a red-headed woodpecker perching awkwardly on the saucer trying to get at any seeds there.  So, I bought a Woodpecker Seed Log, complete with hanger. 

Originally, I hung it beside the tea cup.  No interest.  Ultimately, I moved it to be back yard because, I noticed wrens pecking at it also.  Fine.  Put it on a shepherd’s hook in the middle of the yard.  Good.  Yesterday, I saw this –


1 Apr 2019


  1. Mother nature is bipolar and off her meds that's all there is to it. You want to keep the squirrels off the feeder? apply lots of vaseline to the pole. That critter will never get to it and it will drive him crazy trying to figure a way to get the seeds. Our yard furniture needs repainting too. I just wish there was a day that wasn't going to rain that I could do it.

    1. Hmmmm- vaseline, huh. Would definitely be amusing to watch! And, I think someone is watching when it comes to painting. I started buying paint and it clouded up and turned misty and cold.