Thursday, March 29, 2018

Computing right along

Yesterday, I had every intention of posting about my ghost cat (which I’ll talk about another time).  However, while searching for a particular picture, I got seriously side-tracked.  I hate it when that happens.

A little about me – I think of myself as being relatively computer literate.  I’ve used a computer since the early 1980’s.  My office was the first field office to get a computer and one with access to the corporate data.  Wow …. Cool …. Scary .... Interesting ... Hmmm what happens if I push this ..

The thing today I find completely unacceptable, in regard to computers and file storage, is the Cloud.  OK, I sort of understand the theory of using an unknown, unseen, questionable database in   the sky to store documents BUT, I’m not gonna do that.  Nope.  I don’t understand it well enough to know I’ll ever get those documents or pictures back again.  Instead, I back up all my stuff on a USB data stick.  It’s something I can see, hold in my hand, feel moderately secure with.  Pleasedo not tell me they don’t last forever – I don’t want to know that.

Back to searching for a picture …..  All my pictures from the last 20+ years are stored on a data stick.  It also has old pictures I’ve scanned along with pictures that others have scanned and sent me.  It’s a great big photo album though someone hasn’t been good about dates and who’s who and who’s where. 

Now, usually I am an organized person.  Things are where they should be so I can find them – mostly.  However when it comes to backing up or moving files from the computer to data stick, not so much.  I tend to just move things from one place to another with the thought “I’ll fix this later”.  Consequently there are lots of duplications in every major file folder.  Plus each primary file folder has many sub-folders and those have sub-sub-folder; some where they should be, some where they are lost in space and time and some I swear the gremlins put there.  It’s hard to find anything.

Couldn’t find the picture I was looking for.  Grrrrrrr.  So, I started opening every file, moving it where it actually should be, deleting duplications, renaming folders, and generally organizing it all.  I worked non-stop from 1pm until 5pm.  And, I got almost half way done.  My goal today is to finish ‘pictures’ and move onto ‘documents’.  That may take me a very long time.  Like into the coming millennia.

The cool thing about doing this is that I found a bunch of pictures I forgot I had!  Yea!

Take care

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