Tuesday, March 17, 2020


In the not too distant past, we went on our first adventure of 2020 (and perhaps, the last one for a little while).

Now, I am a native Texan.  I’ve lived most of my 72 years in Texas in this general part of Texas, that is the Gulf Coast Plains (which means, I live close to the Gulf of Mexico).  In my life time, I’ve been to many TX beaches – Crystal, Galveston, Surfside, Freeport, Port Aransas beaches along with Rockport, South Padre and Matagorda beaches.

In all that time, I’ve never been to Sargent Beach.  And this was the destination of our adventure.

First of all – there is no direct road from here to there.  We went from one county road to another, through several small and tiny towns.

At one point we went through the tiny town of Sugar Valley.  And, when I say tiny – I’m not exaggerating - in 2000 there was a population of 35.  I mention this little place because I saw this

 a round house

Sargent, Texas is a small unincorporated community (population about 2000) and, for the most part, it’s more popular with those that fish than a hangout for the beautiful people.  To get there you have to cross a swing-bridge (one of few still left here and about to be replaced by a huge, tall, giant roadway, too bad).  A swing-bridge doesn’t lift up like a drawbridge but instead swings to one side to allow ships on the Intercoastal Canal to pass. 

The day we went it was foggy on the beach

Tides were high so there wasn’t much ‘beach’ but enough to walk along for a while.

There were lots of shells and all sorts of driftwood.

pretty wild flowers

the sun finally broke through cloudy skies


and a big cock

Choices of dining establishments were few – we stopped at one place that was a gas station, small grocery store, a plumbing store, a hardware store, a fishing store annnd a place to eat –

It was a delightful, relaxing, tension releasing, stress-free day.

I miss the ocean – every single day.

17 Mar 2020


  1. David told me about that bridge. He goes down to the coast to fish for Reds. He and his fishing buddies usually go to Port A but if it's crowded they head up the coast towards Houston until they find a nice quiet place.

  2. That is exactly the kind of road trip I love best! We were planning to go to Tennessee this weekend but decided that that would incredibly stupid right now. But I might pack us a lunch & head to the mountains for a little day trip. The Blue Ridge Parkway sounds good.

  3. How great that you got away when you did. I miss the ocean, too, recently moving to Colorado from California. I had the wide Sacramento River with its delicious delta breeze late on a hot day, and the ocean was about an hour and a half drive. I used to live right on the ocean, well, on the low cliffs above it. The chill, the damp air and the wind got to be too much at times, but still, I loved it. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your adventure! Stay well!

  4. Lovely waves and beach detritus. My kind of road trip.

  5. Oh yes, have to be by the sea. I love browsing through driftwood too.