Thursday, June 6, 2019

Things I know

Yesterday we got a little over 12 inches of rain in about 10 hours. 

It stopped around 2pm and by 4pm, the sky was blue and the water draining away. 

This morning about 6am, it started pouring down rain – again.  Fortunately, it stopped about 30 minutes later and once again blue skies.

Snakes don’t like flooding.  I found a little one in my garage today.  Took it outside and tossed it into the flower bed.

The mosquitoes are massing at both the back and front doors.  It is taking my life in my hands to walk out to the jungle in the back yard.
Yes! they are this big!

This week is:
National Lemonade Days: 1-9
National Sun Safety Week: 2-8 
Pet Appreciation Week: 2-8 
Hemp History Week: 3-9 
Great American Brass Band Week: 6-9  and,
Superman Days: 6-9

And, today is:
Atheists Pride Day
Drive-in Movie Day (are there even any drive-in movies places left?)  and,
YoYo Day

So, I’ll bet you think Donald Duncan was the inventor of the yo-yo.  You’d be wrong.  Yoyos have been around for over twenty-five hundred years.  In fact, the yoyo is considered the second oldest toy in history, the oldest being the doll. In ancient Greece, the toy was made of wood, metal and terra cotta.  Around 1800, the yo-yo became popular in Europe.  The British called it the bandalore or quiz. The French used the name incroyable or l'emigrette.  However, it is a Tagalog word, the native language of the Philippines, and means "come back".  In the Philippines, the yo-yo was used as a weapon for over 400 hundred years.  Their version was large with sharp edges and studs and attached to thick twenty-foot ropes for flinging at enemies or prey.

I went out to Boling the other day to see my friend Bobby.  He has a beautiful yard filled with all manner and sort of yuccas, cactus, and succulents.  Oh, and he has a wonderful garden. 


Purple Cosmic Carrots
(from the planet Larptimedindofinstein)

Sotol bloom spike

African Blood Lily

Now, I am fairly apolitical.  I don’t particularly get into heated discussions with others and I seldom say much about politics.  But, over the past few days I’ve found the first headline on my news feed somewhat alarming . . . .

 “Elite Hawkeye 'kill team' dispatched to London to guard Trump
President Trump is bringing his crack kill team with him for protection as he arrives in the UK today. The elite squad dubbed “Hawkeye” accompany the president ...”   (a ‘kill team’??? – really???)
Fox News                                                                              3 Jun

“Trump Insults London Mayor as ‘Loser’ as He Pays Tribute to the Queen
Mr. Trump carried on an ugly dispute with the mayor of London, whom he called a “stone cold loser” and said was doing a terrible job of running Britain’s capital city.”  (did his mother not teach him any manners?)
New York Times                                                                   4 Jun

“European allies made the D-Day landing at Normandy possible. 75 years later, Trump questions those bonds
President Donald Trump will take part in a tradition for modern presidents that dates back four decades when he stands at the edge of Omaha Beach in Normandy on Thursday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. But in a break with past U.S. presidents, he is unlikely to use his remarks in France to embrace institutions such as NATO that rose out of the ashes of the fighting. The American president has accused those institutions of "ripping off" the United States.”
USA Today                                                                            5 Jun

I think the ‘Ugly American’ is alive and well.  I’ve decided to not look at the news for a while.

And, finally  . . . I’ve had kittens all my life.  I like kitties.  I am raising two rowdy, unruly, boisterous, destructive small demons that do not listen to me at all.

6 Jun 2019


  1. I think the "kill team" is a bit over done none other than by Fox Faux News. We are getting slammed by thunder showers right now so be ready because it's coming your way.

    1. And, we got those thunder storms. More rain. Goodie.

  2. They don't listen because they are boys.

    1. You are right! Now I remember - my son suffered with selective hearing also - could hear the word food but not the word no. Same with the kitties!

  3. Oh lordy they are so cute. Some day they'll mellow out.