Wednesday, June 5, 2019

FLOOD! AGAIN *&%^!!!#@^$%#&*

I woke up this morning at 4am, not to the soothing pitter patter of rain but a pounding downpour of water that was turned on full force.

Checked the vacant lot across the street.

Ugh – Lake Wharton is back.

Since then, it has progressed . . . .

See those 2 little fountain-looking things?

That’s the sewer backing up.

 And, slowly it creeps forward
Almost to the big tree in the front yard.

Now to the steps.  And, creeping into the garage.

At least the city has (sort of) blocked
off the street so the
stupid idiots, jerks, fools, dummies,
will STOP driving 40 mph through the water
washing it up further into the yard/garage!!!!!

I am not having fun today.

The only ones that seem happy are the frogs who are all singing their little hearts out!

5 June 2019

ps - it's 1010 now and the rain has stopped, thank all the gods and goddesses!  I"m considering doing a No Rain dance shortly!


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  2. Seems to happen every time you get a little rain... BTW: probably just the storm drain backing up. You would know if it was the sewer...

    1. more than a little rain, around 10" in 7 hours.

    2. Yes, probably so - storm drain backing up but still it is alarming to see the water bubbling out of the manholes rather than swirling down. I'm thinking this wasn't a little rain - lotta rain. We had a little rain last week (3 inches one day) - no problem.

  3. I just watched a video of Wharton, and wished I could pick out your houses from the air! We have 10" in the forecast today and tonight. Good luck to all of us.

    1. Fingers crossed and positive thought coming your way. Stay dry!