Monday, November 25, 2019

Weekend Adventures

My two San Antonio grandchildren came in for a visit and a ‘work day’.  On Saturday, between the two of them, they raked, hauled, mowed, swept, picked up, and generally put my yards (including getting leaves and branches off the house and shed roofs) in order.



I can’t even tell you how wonderful they are to have worked so hard all day!  I can actually see grass now, not that I think grass is all that great but it’s better than just brown leaves.

Sunday we drove to Richmond for the 4th Annual Pecan Harvest Festival.  And, I told them – don’t know what to expect.  Could be something very cool and fun; could be not.

Turned out to be something cool and fun.  There were artists and crafters, food trucks and booths, a farmer’s market, pecans for sale in every form you can imagine, and a car show.  So, here we go.  First of all – I bet you can’t guess what type of building this is . .

 The really truly Richmond Police Department
lovely building

Now, just to be clear, Pecans (pronounced pi-ˈkän and not pee kan) are a buttery flavored tree nut that grows mostly in the warmer climates.  They are also terrible trash trees and I think the only reason they haven’t been placed on the “irritating plant” list is for the nuts they produce. 

 never knew there were so many different types!

Pecans are also good for you.

And you can use them in a billizion different ways.  In baked goods of all sorts, with vegetables, poultry, fish, steak, pancakes, salads, with rice and on and on.  There were all sorts of free recipe pamphlets available also.
There was one area dedicated to nothing but pecan sellers and growers.  This seller had  – Chile Pecans, Candied Pecans, Trail Mix Pecans, Cajun Hot Pecans, Jalapeno Pecans, and he had plain pecans too.

Of the crafters/artists, these items caught my eye –

Mustard Seed Farm

They sold herbs of all sorts.  These were bundled herbs to be stuffed in your turkey for roasting.  This booth brought back all sorts of memories for my days of having an herb booth at a farmer’s market.

Hepplewhite Farms

They have a bee apiary, are local and sell honey in many different forms – honey comb in/out, creamed honey, cinnamon honey, honeyed pecans, and honey sticks.

Bubble Princess
Bubbleprincesstx - Etsy

These are some of the prettiest soaps I’ve seen.  She uses a cold process soap recipe to has a variety of different shapes, designs, and colors to chose from.  I was very impressed with the quality and variety.

 Artistic Wood Craft

This man makes beautiful bowls, pens, bottle stoppers, walking sticks and more.  See those two egg shaped items in front?  Those are mini kaleidoscopes, inlayed with turquoise. 

Mercedes Yvonne Ortiz Ceramics

I love pottery.  This artist makes bowls, mugs, flower vases, jewelry, and sculpture art.  I bought something here – one for me, one for my sister –

 Yep – an itty, bitty bird skull

Then we visited the car show –

This one made me laugh!

There were all sorts of people there – older and younger - with small children, teenagers, walking dogs and 

Finally, as we left, we passed the pavilion where

The Texas Blues Brothers

were playing.  Just great!

And, then we drove back home.

25 Nov 2019


  1. You have wonderful grandkids. I love festivals in around downtown here. It's so cool to see so many things on sale.

  2. My Texas cousin straightened me out years ago. The pee can goes under the bed. Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. Well, your two grandkids worked hard, and then played hard! Glad you had such a good time! I like pecans too.

  4. some of those pecans are distinctive but most look all the same. how can they tell them apart!

  5. That sounds like a great day! It would be nice to have grandchildren to work around the house. But that would have required me having children!