Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Somebody left the door open between Santa’s house and my house last night.  Dipped down into the low 30’s and tonight it is supposed to be 28°.  For any that live north of Dallas, that might not sound so bad but . . . . . I live on the TX Gulf Coast.  It’s cold for us down here.

This morning both kittens were in bed with me and under the covers.  Neither was happy with having to get up at 6am.  This is how they are currently handling the chilly day, asleep on the sofa.

Look closely and you’ll see the tip of one
little gray ear belonging to Daryl.

The curled-up lump – that’s Zack.

I’m ready for whatever comes along though.  The heater is turned on in the Greenshed (currently a toasty 50° in there).  The water pipes are all wrapped outside.  Plant cuttings have been taken (just in case).  I covered the Pereskia granifolia cactus.  Everything else has been told to “hunker down and hold on”.

Pereskia is a variety of tree or shrub in the cactus family.  They’re native to the West Indies and southeastern South America.  They like sun and can deal with water better than some.  However, they will freeze.  Also called Rose Cactus, they have true leaves and beautiful flowers.  Oh, and they have mile long, very sharp thorns.  In some places they’re cultivated as a hedge (and I’d like to see someone get through that!).  Some varieties produce an edible fruit but for the most part, they’re ornamental and unusual.  The flowers can range from white to purple to pink to red.  I want mine to bloom!

I recently tried my hand at Hot Process Soap Making.  Usually I use a cold process – similar to the way our greats and grands made soap in the way back days.

Hot process is similar but different.  Everything is measured, then mixed together in a crock pot, stirred till saponification takes place and “cooked” for an hour in the crock pot.  Then, pour into molds.  It doesn’t have to cure as long and it makes a nice hard bar of sudsy soap.  The soap turned out pretty well though the recipe I used made a small amount compared to what I’m used to.  I need different molds.

(This process is not to be confused with a “melt and pour” soap base product.  Those are premade using fatty acids, glycerin, and other stuff.  You just literally melt the thing, add in your own color, scents, whatever, pour into molds and – you have glycerin soap, ready to use.)

I met up with my friend Bobby the other day.  We walked the high school track for a mile and a half.  These guys were keeping an eye on everything -

Well, I’m going to fix a cup of hot tea, get my library book, scoot the kitties over and read!  Stay warm, y’all!

12 Nov 2019


  1. It's freezing cold here. It started at 30 this morning at 6am when David left for work. It's now 34. Slowly the temperature is rising. I thank the Goddess that I was smart enough to take out my warm henley shirts and wash them last week. They are like long winter underwear shirts and sooooo warm.
    Stay warm. The kittens and my puppies have the right idea. Stay under the covers.

  2. I blame you with all your talk of being tired of summer and ready for winter.

  3. You are colder than we are here on the East Coast. Yikes!!!! But we are headed there tomorrow. I'd like to learn how to make soap, but my house is already filled with beads and findings, so I don't know.

  4. What great big thorns that plant has. Perhaps you can prick winter with one, and kill it.