Monday, August 28, 2017

Rain and Rivers and Bunnies

I had planned (hoped) to post something every day, however by yesterday afternoon my mind was like a hamster wheel with 40 hamsters all running different directions and speeds.  Absolutely nothing coherent came from mind to fingers to paper.  Today, I' better. Harvey is still hanging around; got 4 more inches of rain.  However, I think our biggest concern right now isn’t flooding from the rain but flooding from the Colorado River.  It was at 35 feet at 7am today.  Powers-that-be are predicting it to reach 50 feet.  If that happens, the river will overflow the banks completely and head for downtown.  I live about 6 or 7 blocks from the river and downtown.

So as not to worry about things over which I have no control, I thought I share another story.  I lived in Galveston for several years.  We were out on the west end in a subdivision called Sea Isle.  Then, it was more weekenders than day-to-day residents.  But it was nice and I miss it still every day.  While there, one of my friends and I started a small cottage business.  We made and sold wine jelly and candied jalapenos.  It was fun – we attended all sorts of shows and fairs including one at a local establishment on the west end. Each spring they had …..

“The Annual Bunny Roast”.

It really didn’t have anything to do with roasting rabbits, in actuality, it was a Chile Cook-off.  Bunny was the name of the organizer.  One year the organizer decided that a few craft booths might be a good thing.  Jan and I were invited to attend.  Now, this place wasn’t just a local bar. It had a huge property with children’s playground equipment, picnic tables, an outdoor entertainment stage (sort of) and an outdoor dance floor.  Neither Jan or I had ever been there, however husband, Michael had and he assured us it would be a good thing.  There was to be no charge for a booth.  They were expecting HUNDREDS TO ATTEND the cook-off (many, we were assured, would be bikers on their umpty-zillion dollar Harley’s, ready to spend their money!!).  We decided to do it.

Not nearly as many people showed up as they thought but there were quite a few bikers  Some looked like your basic computer nerd (dressed in biker togs, of course).  A couple of them were pretty fierce looking but, all in all, they were interesting to watch and were extremely polite and nice.  Several came over and bought some of our jellies and candied jalapeƱos.  Not many sales but since it didn't cost us anything but time, it wasn't such a bad day.  It didn’t pour down rain and there were no fires, fights, or unpleasantries. 

However, we did get to see something neither of us had seen before - The ENTERTAINMENT.  They were going to have “puddin’ wrasling”.  OK, if you don’t know, pudding wrestling consists of several sweet young things (SWTs) in little bitty bathing suites slipping and sliding around in a child's wading pool filled with about 2 inches of vanilla pudding. 

First Bout.  Two SWTs tussled, slid around, and jumped on one another in this wading pool filled with pudding.  One would get the other down and slap her on the boob or butt (I didn’t quite get the point of that), bounce off and wait for the other to get back up.  Then one tugged the bathing suit top off the other and vice versa so they slid around topless for a while.  After a short time they both stood up, covered head to wherever with pudding, and wiped it out of eyes and squeezed it out of hair (which was enough to put you off pudding for a long time).  We left then.

Oh, by the way, according to Michael, those sweet young things were Professional Pudding Wrestlers.  Now that just opened a whole other train of thought.  First of all, how do you suppose you put that on a resume?  Do you think someone offers training for such a profession or is it something one must be “born knowing”?  Think they might have a union or an association of some sort?  What about benefits? – I can see that Workman’s Comp might be a desirable option. 

I thought it was pretty boring actually, but, you know, the whole concept is really a “guy” thing, so I don’t suppose my observations count.  And, now I can say I've seen pudding wrestling, have marked it off my list and don’t have to see it again.

Take Care

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